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Dear Passengers-

Updated on April 24, 2017

Flying is a privledge

After reading all the drama, media, and social media focus on in flight issues which are very sad and unfortunate. I find some things shocking but not surprising.

1 Majority of the news is one sided. Focus on the displeased, hurt, and harmed customer

2. About 98 percent if not more of these could be avoided

  • First know as a passenger, or Pax you have a responsibility. Flying is not a right, it is a privileged. If you listen at all, you are told you are required to comply with all crew member instructions. Also in fine print when go to purchase tickets on line etc.
  • Crews have FAA regulations, and procedures to follow and airline policy to uphold. If these are broken Airlines get fine, employee fired. Policy and consequences vary, but airlines are strict.
  • Airlines have legal right to bump as they are not only ones who overbook.
  • There is a limit to what you carry on.

What is absolutely shocking is the news, and social media do not show the people refusing to comply to crew member instructions but just show the fit, hurt, or how sad they are being carried of a plane like a baby.

I am truly sorry for the man who honestly as seen was harmed, and injured. If somone refuses to move, is an airline supposed to wait hours or a day till they move, or just give whatever they want.

This was sad did not have to happen, All needed be done is heed crew members instruction. Excuse me sir you will need to deplane... How hard is it to follow instructions, OK you think you been wronged. Still do what is asked, and deal off the plane with a supervisor. Think their policy sucks, write to upper management, make suggestions not just complaints. Still not happy, then maybe another carrier or do not fly.

An Airline due to weather, may need to get a crew to another city asap, it is cheaper for an airline to bump passengers then to cancel several flights. Now if people prefer, they could just cancel the flights do not bump anyone, loose some money, and to gain back profit loss raise tickets so much where more and more people will not be able to afford to fly. Making flying affordable just for the rich.

Careful people how much you bitch. Remember the complaining, fun making of airplane food, then poof all gone. Now slowly it is being restored.

How to have a pleasant flight...

  1. Know it is a privileged to fly
  2. Know Airlines have the legal right to bump as needed
  3. Know your rights and responsibilities
  4. Comply with all crew member, and gate agent instructions. NO matter what
  5. Crew members first responsibility is for the safety, and security of all on board
  6. There is truly a limit to what you can carry on/
  7. Overhead bins are shared space, not just your space.
  8. Be courteous to fellow passengers and seat mates. Use common sense.
  9. The faster you get situated on a plane the faster the plane will be able to depart
  10. Be early in case security takes longer so you do not have to run, or board angry etc.
  11. You are not the only one travelling
  12. Prepare for your flight and travel before hand
  13. Flight Attendants are there yes to serve you but first for safety and security of all. They work hard for hours with little time for them to eat.
  14. Passenger you are responsible for your own kids, and babies not the Flight Attendant or others.
  15. ___________________Time for this generation to grow up

May be a passanger certification before being able to fly??? HMMM

Here is a great article more great tips-


How often do you fly?

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Passengers behaving badly

Shame Shame Shame

Two wrongs do not make a right. Yes you have rights.

You do not have the right as an adult to act like a child. Its not just in travel, but hospitality, customer service. What is worse is when its at the aircraft. Crews as mentioned above are first responsible for security and safety of all. I honestly wonder why when adults don't get their way, or are wronged as they see it do many think it is ok to have a fit, tantrum

It is also a shame when people cannot even dress, or conduct themselves as a rational adult, yet expect first class service

Passenger Shaming on FB has tons of photos of passengers behaving badly.


  1. People putting bear feet between seats for people in front to smell.
  2. People with long hair, using their seat to hold their hair even if it blocks the people in back
  3. People wearing rollers, doing nails,clipping feet. Really now
  4. People dressed like just woke up out of bed
  5. People using social media to tattle tale, yet never use the whole image or drama or story
  6. People trashing their seats, or windows, or bathroom.Adults doing this

Wonder why Airlines raise prices and charge for everything?

Below image is from Passenger Shaming

Understand your Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants are highly trained, and are very much professionals

The Flight Attendant position is very difficult to attain.Many, and tens of thousands apply each year and more. Few are interviewed and fewer invited to training. I was fortunate in my second attempt to have been invited to Dallas to interview f2f for a major carrier.. They reminded us only 2 percent will be invited to training out of over 20,000 applicants,

Training varies from smaller carriers-4 weeks to legacy and major carriers 4- 7 weeks or more

Trainees are required to make and maintain

  • 90 percent on all tests/ Verbal and Safety, Evac must be 100 percent
  • 100 percent on time, 1 minute late fired
  • Must maintain image compliance
  • 6 days a week about 10 hours a day in class
  • Training flights
  • First and finale tests no retaskes, and no retakes on IOE- final training flight which a trainee is evaluated on.
  • Emergency ,Medical, Security training which is intense
  • Aircraft familiarization in a week time up to 10 aircraft if not a bit more aka Hell week some refer to
  • Must pass 6- 9 month probation- ( They are watched like a hawk)
  • 90 percent of training is FAA required and governed secondary is food and drink service, company policies etc
  • Flight Attendants are require to wear many hats at any moment
  • They work 12-16 hr day duty time 14 hrs unless they sign a waiver- but from out of bed to getting to hotel or home a day can be up to 18 hrs with less than 10 hrs before they must be leaving for the airport.
  • Must always be professional, friendly,calm, yet follow uphold proceedures, and FAA rules no matter how people act
  • Flight Attendants can have 3-7 legs a day.
  • A leg is a flight segment from point A- point B
  • Flight Attendants must be somewhat healthy and fit for it is also a physical job. The larger carrier has carts over 220 punds when full. Think on that when your up want them to move it/

Passenger lives Matter- so does Crew lives

There is a thing on Facebook Passenger lives mater. Yes they do. No passengers, no fly. No customers, no business, What media, and many in public forget that without crew you do not fly. Crew is just doing their job to keep you and everyone safe. Even if it is not comfotable or what you do not like.

A flight attendant remarked my is sad when all we are doing is our job. Regulations require when there is turbulence, Captain turns on seat belt sign asks all passengers to return to seats, and we refuse someone getting up for the lavatory. It is not we do not want you going to the lav, but during turbulence you are and crew is at high risk of an injury. It takes one good bump to hit your head A flight attendant then is forced to get up risk their own safety because you decided your going to bathroom it is safe enough, and then boom you both go flung. Really. Crew members lives matter too.

Here is a link a good article on this topic

Being a Flight Attendant from a Flight Attendant


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