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Death of a Good Airline

Updated on July 18, 2012

United - Continental Merger

As a long time Continental Airlines customer I was not looking forward to the United merger. Continental had the best planes, good crews and a fairly good level of service.

The merger seemed to bring all of the negatives from United and few of the positives of Continental. It seemed like the merger was an excuse to reduce the quality of service.

From the on-line reservations (that keeps misplacing my seat assignment) to the on-board ammentities to the dirty old planes I now fly on - this merger has turned a good airline into just another example of getting less for your money.

Less than a year into the combined airlines operations, I am already looking to change carriers. I know they are all having issues but at least if I move to another carrier I get what I expect.

Goodbye Continental - I will really miss you.


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