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Updated on December 14, 2012

Brussels at Night

So Much Neon
So Much Neon

Woke up slightly behind today. Probably because I was rejoicing my exit from America at a bar. I wonder what my excuses were all the other times. Nothing a good hour in the gym can’t fix though, that’s for certain. It’s like magic. Translation: more rejoicing lies ahead. That has typically been my lifecycle that I recycle. Did some more packing, reality is inching closer and closer. I am thinking of buying the Magic Jack so I can make free phone calls to the U.S., but I am barely a phone person so I wonder if it’ll be of good use. Decisions. I feel as if the major ones are covered, now it’s the in-between things that fill the cracks. Being over-prepared is a woman who wears too much makeup. This is different, it’s all about crossing items off the list and insurance. Not the kind you can buy, but the kind you can build. Your safety net is proportional to your preparation, and I am trying to make more net. It’s a WIP, work in progress. Building will resume tomorrow, goed dag. That is dutch for good day!


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    • Explosive INK profile image

      Explosive INK 8 years ago from Austin Texas

      Sounds like a habitual type of escape. Are you lonely or in an environment that seems too big? Too much NEON for too long can bleach your lifestyle and the way you see real people(sober)can become a jaded event that becomes boring, Unless they are blurred which makes you more comfortable.Get comfortabel with YOUR SKIN and save the bartab and the beer belly. Cheers....