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Deep River County Park An Artistic Inspiration

Updated on May 31, 2012
C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S. Alexis works in an art gallery located in the Calumet region of Northwest Indiana. Come see her at One Best Life at Tinker's Attic.

Flood water from Deep River, Hobart Indiana
Flood water from Deep River, Hobart Indiana | Source
Much of the trails were under water and not easy to travel
Much of the trails were under water and not easy to travel | Source
Foot bridges are a must throughout the park for crossing the winding river
Foot bridges are a must throughout the park for crossing the winding river | Source

Woodland Hike Inspires Creativity

A break in the daily grind allowed for a short trip to one of the nicer local county parks. I made sure to grab my camera. I was positive I would get off the beaten path and into the woods if the opportunity cropped up. I was truly in search of a crop of another kind. Hunting for Morel Mushrooms was the goal but taking the camera would also provide inspiration on another day of work in my Adrift Art Studio.

I have developed the habit of taking my camera on all such adventures. It proves to be a great asset when I make it a must to shoot lots of photos. I use them as inspiration in the studio. They make a great reference and many times wind up being posted on my, My Shares On Life Adrift blog, as well as here on HubPages.

Looking over my photos helps stimulate that inner creative force. The photos cause me to day dream and the day dreams often become artwork. It works for me. Much of my artwork is inspired by Mother Nature. This visit to Deep River County Park was no exception, and in fact, it is still churning the flow of creativity for me.

Warming Weather and Sunshine Inspiring Art

Too many long winter days and being trapped inside make a trip like this one very special. Spring is in the air at Deep River County Park and I was happy to enjoy a few hours hiking the woods. The river was out of it's banks in several places but that was fine with me.

Some of the trails were not going anywhere because they were under water. I did my best to stay off the beaten path. The woods is where I seek to discover all that Mother Nature has to offer. The path is for those who want to avoid the common scratches and bruises one might have to endure to blaze their own trail.

I was open to the risk involved. This park is a beauty and I was in the mood to explore the darker corners in the woods. Who cares if it will make your legs hurt tomorrow? Living in the now is what makes such a journey all the more wonderful. Deep River Park was begging me to seek her hidden gifts, and the Morel Mushrooms are usually not found on a trail anyway.

Find Deep River County Park

Deep River County Park 9410 Old Lincoln Highway Hobart, Indiana:
Deep River County Park, 9410 Old Lincoln Hwy, Hobart, IN 46342-7049, USA

get directions

A Surrounding of woods, winding water and well maintained trails makes Deep River Park an artistic inspiration

The Magic In The Woods

Mother Nature talks to me. Sounds a little crazy to some and makes perfect sense to others. The "Others" probably lean toward the creative side. Maybe their right brain is more dominate, or something like that. I am no Doctor or scientist. I am an artist and when I get outside it all starts happening. There is a special magic in the woods.

Many a Fairy Tale has been written about the ways of the woods so I know I am by no means the only one. She chats away and I listen. I am not saying it is the out loud kind of conversation. It is much more intimate than that. Sometimes it can be a distraction too. I know it has been cause for many a scolding in my youth. My school teachers had quite the time competing with her calling. My mind was out the window as I sat dreaming, instead of listening the the woman at the front of the class room.

Outside Is Good But The Woods

I grew up in the city and suburbs. Not where my true spirit shines the brightest. I spent hours in the local city parks but not a lot of woods around to learn my way. It was not until my teenage years that I got to spend considerable amount of time under huge trees, surrounded by briers and thickets, tall grass and climbing vines.

This is when I found a passion for the woodlands. Inspiration moved by tiny, wild flowers and crooked trees invaded my artwork. Lizards and snakes that scurry from your trail as your step startles their existence on a sunny path, this quickly became my creative play. Sticks that looked like snakes and startled me took their proper place amongst my creations.

Deep River County Park

Just a 30 minute drive from my NW Indiana home and such a sight to see. This is a place to go in spring or picnic in the summer. Winding trails and running water are just a few of the treasures one might seek to find there. Nature is the setting and a lovely one at that. Many people go there to get married under a huge gazebo and that is only a notion of what this county park has to offer.

Wood's Grist Mill

One time powered by the rushing river water, this old grist mill is still employed as a teaching of our history. Open to the public with admission fees "by donation" they still grind and sell the corn meal at the mill store. Tours, photography exhibits, and arts and crafts are some of the human entertainment you might find at the park.

Springing in Deep Water County Park
Springing in Deep Water County Park | Source
Lovely little flowers peeking up from the woodland floor
Lovely little flowers peeking up from the woodland floor | Source

Artist Find Deep River County Park Inviting

It is not just me who enjoys this wonderland. Local artists gather here on an eventful schedule. Take a look at this insert from their website.

Deep River Artists
Deep River County Park Thursdays: April - July
11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Free

Local artists meet at Deep River County Park to paint, draw and enjoy doing their own artwork with others of similar interests. Held inside the Visitor Center or out in the gardens, artists should bring their own supplies. Tables and chairs are provided. In the fall, artists are invited to show their artwork in Wood’s Mill Gallery where art may be offered for sale during the exhibit. For more information, call the Park at 219-947-1958.


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    • Michael Davis profile image

      Michael Davis 

      5 years ago

      Loved this hub. I live on the West Coast now, but I'm from NE Indiana. The pictures reminded me of some of the more beautiful parts of Indiana. Your writing made me feel like I was there. Thanks for writing this.

    • C.S.Alexis profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from NW Indiana


      Keep walking and take lots of photos to share with us here on HubPages!

    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 

      7 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      WONDERFUL HUB! I feel the same way about my nature walks.Love your folk art. Locals think I am a "weird-o" because I hike alone with my camera. It keeps me sane and satified. Keep up the inspiration!

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 

      7 years ago

      Thanks for taking me along on your hike. Your photography is exquisite.


    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you showing this wonderful area.


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