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Delhi--The heart of India

Updated on September 24, 2013


Delhi is located close to the foothills of the Himalayas in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. It houses the national parliament being the capital of India. It boasts of more than 24 million Delhiiites basking under the sun. To this you would agree if you have visited the place even once.

The Akshardham Temple in East Delhi
The Akshardham Temple in East Delhi | Source

A symbol of rich India

The city is a beautiful amalgamation pot of India's culture. Urban life and employment have been the driving factors for people to flock from relatively remote parts of the country to this city. The capital.

The capital is known for its heartwarming people. People would always welcome the tourists and guests with 'Atithi Devo Bhava' (Guest is my God). Another thing to note apart from the compassion shown by the inhabitants is the vibrant food. Majority relies on whet based breads as the core component of their meals. Roti (Chapattis), Parantahs and sorts are a common sight at Dhaabas (Street hotels). Rice is consumed too but at a relatively smaller scale. It is more popular amongst the southern parts of the country. I would elaborate more on the city's food later because there is an ocean of it existent.


Historical Importance and Sightseeing

The city of Delhi holds huge historical value. The Mughals ruled here a few centuries back and were followed by the British invaders as well. The former had shifted their capital from the city of Agra to Delhi and hence was built a magnificent piece of architecture, their castle, the Red Fort.It is one of the major tourist attractions today situated in Old Delhi.

Other popular sightseeing places include the Qutub Minar, the Humayun's tomb, the Akshardham temple, the Birla Temple and the Isckon Temple to name a few.

Besides these, there are many other burial tombs, temples and gardens which, sadly, are facing the wrath of time and negligence of authorities.

Quick Question

Delhi city is situated on the banks of a river. The river is:

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Education Sector

The city is also home to the country's leading educational institutes. IIT Delhi, Delhi Technological University, GGSIPU in engineering and AIIMS in medical sector are the eminent names recognized globally. Delhi University is the largest of all the educational bodies which has thousands of students currently enrolled in a myriad of programs ranging from sciences, commerce to humanities. Several eminent personalities have graduated from this university and are renowned for their work worldwide today. Shahrukh Khan (actor) and Kapil Sibal (Politician) are instances.


For a tourist, there are countless malls to shop and dine at. Numerous world class hotels to stay at. The Le Meridian, The Ashok and The Hilton to name a few. And mix this with the endless colors and flavors the city has to offer. Sheer bliss!

Delhiites would know better. Trust me, i am one.

Delhi in Pictures

The Red Fort
The Red Fort | Source
A typical Delhi Street
A typical Delhi Street | Source
The Jama Masjid (In Old Delhi)
The Jama Masjid (In Old Delhi)


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