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Get a 5 day Destin Florida Vacation for under $500

Updated on October 19, 2010

Destin, Florida is known for having some of the best beaches in the U.S. I've been to Destin several times and have eaten at several places therein. I have done nearly everything that you can do in Destin as far as attractions go. I've figured out the cheapest way to get your hotel room and ways you can make the most of your stay. I have had some terrible experiences and some wonderful times. I have eaten at each restaurant that I have listed at least 5 times. I think 5 times is good enough to give a detailed review of the experience that most can expect when planning a trip to Destin. The following are the 10 best restaurants that one can eat at while in Destin. I have seen other's reviews, but I do think mine are more accurate because I personally have been at these places several times instead of just having a bad, one time experience.

#1 Hooters of Destin - This is a great restaurant, not only because you have beautiful ladies walking around, but I am here to tell you this is the best Hooters I have ever been to. The ladies there are very hard working and kind. They will attend to your every need and are super fast. The chef staff is also very speedy in preparation. They have an outside deck with a bar that you can feel the ocean breeze coming off of. So ladies don't be weary of going to this particular Hooters with you man. I promise you will love it as well. Price - $7 - $15

#2 Angler's Beachside Grill and Sports Bar - The single greatest asset of this restaurant is location location location. This restaurant is situated at the base of the pier. It has an exclusive walkway from it's back door straight out to the fishing pier. There are about 15 tables on the deck where you can grab a bite to eat, drink a frozen margarita, or just sit and enjoy the view if you want. Price - $10 - $18

#3 Fudpucker's Beachside Bar and Grill - Ok, just to start, this restaurant is not on the beach. I don't know why they named it Beachside bar and grill. However, if you are a tourist, this more than likely would be the #1 restaurant to visit. The prices are not outrageous, but this restaurant is mostly designed for tourists. The thing that stands out about this restaurant is that each table has signatures on them. Whether they are valid or not is up to question, but sitting there and seeing signatures of people often makes you wonder if you are sitting in the same area where they once did. I myself have my signature right under Marion Barber's ( a running back for the Dallas Cowboys ). The restaurant also has a nice design and an indoor shopping area. Price - $10 - $20

#4 McGuire's Irish Pub and Brewery - The first thing you will notice when you enter this restaurant is thousands of 1 dollar bills hung from the ceiling with signatures of each pleased customer of the past. I sometimes wish myself that I just had the money hung from the rafters of that place. This restaurant also makes its own beer. You can get a red, light, stout or even non alcoholic root beer. It has a great menu. I recommend the fish n chips with a cold light root beer. That's always my favorite. The restaurant is decorated in varnished wood and brass and is absolutely beautiful. You will enjoy every minute in this restaurant eating, while listening to Irish folk music. Price - $13 - $20

#5 Another Broken egg Cafe - To start off I will say that this is the most expensive breakfast restaurant you will find in Destin. You can expect to pay between $10 - $20 per meal, but I promise you will enjoy the food. Their famous omelets and Skillet Scrambles will satisfy your cravings till supper time. They have beautiful coffee mugs and service. The service during the peak season can slack a little but the food is worth the sacrifice. The atmosphere is very comfortable, with a French country design. Definitely a must restaurant to try for breakfast at least once during your visit. Price - $10 - $15

#6 Lucky Snapper - The thing that makes this the 6th best place to dine is once again location. They have a deck with an awning facing the Destin Harbor, where you can see boats taking off and jet skis as well. I have spent many evenings here drinking a nice cold beverage while watching the sun set over the ocean. If you are lucky you may even see dolphins surfing the waves behind the boats in the harbor while eating. The price is very reasonable and I have never had bad service out of several visits I have made. Price - $10 - $18

#7 Joe's Crab Shack - What can I say about this restaurant. It's just a fun place to be. The food is great. They have a great bar with experienced bartenders. The coolest thing about this place is that you get a live floor show every 45 minutes. It's required. Their signature dance is the macarena, but they have several other songs in their portfolio. The food pricing is very reasonable also. Price - $8 - $20

#8 Ciao Bella Pizza Da Guglielmo - If you are a pizza lover then this is the place for you. Without a doubt this is the best Italian restaurant you will ever eat at in Destin. Their key item is their breadsticks and olive oil dipping sauces. The staff is very inviting and friendly and will attend to your every need. When you smell your pizza coming out to you, you will feel like you are already eating it. It is located right beside McGuire's Irish Pub. The price is remarkable for the quality of product you get. Large specialties alone are only $14. Price - $8 - $15

#9 Louisiana Lagniappe - Probably the best place to have a romantic dinner, Louisiana Lagniappe is located right next to a marina. The inside tables are draped with white table clothes and wine glasses. There is an outside deck where you can eat right beside the water. I have even had gulls come up and perch on the rails next to me. The price is a little high, but the service is elite and food is just as well. Price - $15 - $20

#10 Pompano Joe's - Yet again, the biggest asset this restaurant has is it's location. This place is directly on the beach. The key to eating at this restaurant is to come between 5 and 7 PM, when the sun has gone down a little so it won't be so hot. Eat on the DECK! The food cost is very very reasonable, as you can easily have a meal for under $10. Price - $7 - $13

How to save on Destin Dining

Going along with this information, you may like to know that there is a website out there that offers half off or even sometimes 90% off gift cards. is by far the best restaurant coupon site. You can even sometimes get coupons worth $25 for only $2. This is no lie, go check it out for yourself. Most of these coupons do come with a stipulation, that usually being that you have to spend at least $40 on your meal. However, that won't be hard to do if you get a couple beverages with your meal. If you could spend only $17 on two meals, have margaritas with each meal, and enough food to fill you up in a place like Chili's, would you not be satisfied with the savings? This site offers that. So definitely a must check before you go on vacation.

If you should choose the Comfort in, you will have the top suite that includes 2 queen beds, with a balcony view of the ocean.
If you should choose the Comfort in, you will have the top suite that includes 2 queen beds, with a balcony view of the ocean.

How to save on Hotel Cost

Now you may want to do your own browsing on hotel bookings and rates, and I don't blame you if you do. But whenever you get done and think you have the hotel you want booked, you need to view this site,  I will give you a small preview of how you can save money on this site, but for a full glance at how exactly to get the most of your money visit my floridavactionauction blog about this particular site, which tells you exactly how to do it. This site has discount auctions for between 2-5 hotels in Destin, all of which are high quality hotels. Now in addition to getting the rooms cheap, there are also some other tricks I am going to tell you about. I have used this website and cashed in on it twice. The rooms up for auction are regularly $160-$180 per night through the Hotel site. offers hotels from Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Wingate Inn and Holiday Inn. The name of the particular hotel I always get is The Comfort Inn. The auction starts at around $75. Each time I have won this auction I won it for $160 and $165. The duration of the stay is 2 nights. I know 2 nights doesn't seem like much, that's why I told you to do your research first. You can have 2 great nights in this hotel, that has 2 queen beds, an indoor and outdoor pool, is located directly across the road from the best beach in Destin, Henderson Beach, has a balcony view of the Beach and Ocean where you can literally see Dolphins in the morning, and is located in the best area of Destin, for only $5 a night and I will show you how in the next section. From this hotel you can walk to Fudpucker's, Wal-Mart or even Hooters.

But wait there's more.

Remember when I said there was a trick to this site I would show you? This site offers promotional codes. I don't know if they still do it, but they used to give out a PROMO code just for signing up. You can search the vast sites of Google and Yahoo and find other codes. Just 3 months ago I found up to $150 in discount codes. I ended up getting a 2 night stay for $10. That my friends is unbeatable. I don't care if you stay somewhere else for the other 3 or 4 nights you are in Destin, if you average these 2 nights into that, you will nearly save half of what you were going to pay.

My suggestion is to win this auction for as cheap as you can, call them to book the dates and ask how much they would charge for extra nights. Most likely their price will be higher so your best option probably is gonna be to go directly through They charge around $90-$110 per night for it, while the hotel itself charges about $160 per night. So even if you buy 3 more nights at $330 total, with a 5 night stay including your two days won in the auction (potential $20 investment), you can have an elite hotel for only $70 per night. Better than any other deal you will get I guarantee.

But wait there's still more

This kind of links into the first part of this posting, with the restaurant savings department. This particular hotel is my pick of choice because it offers a great Continental Breakfast buffet. The buffet has Waffles, Donuts, Bagels, Desert Pastries and Biscuits and Gravy. This alone can save you over $100 on your 5 night stay in Destin. 2 people can expect to spend at least $20 per meal for breakfast in Destin, that's not including if you have kids. The hotel, as previously stated has 2 queen beds. Saying you have a total of 4 people in the room, whether it be your children or friends that come with you. Just by taking advantage of the Continental Breakfast, you all could save around $200-$250 dollars just by eating there in the morning instead of going out.

Total savings of this Hotel stay = $550 - $700 per 5 night stay.

How to save on Destin Attractions and Activities

#1 Gulfarium - The Gulfarium offers several shows, including a Dolphin show, a Sea Lion show and a combined Dolphin and Sea Lion show. You can see several different animals while here. There is a walk through exhibit of sea animals, a shark pond, and alligator swamp and a stingray petting area where you can actually touch the slimy backs of a stingray. The cost of an adult ticket to the Gulfarium is $19.25. There are several ways to save on this though. has a coupon for $2 off per ticket. You can also get what is probably the best investment savings guide in Destin, The Coupon Fundraiser book. The book can be bought at The Destin Chamber of Commerce or on

#2 Big Kahuna's Water and Adventure Park - There aren't any known coupons online for this theme park, but if you get the coupon fundraiser book advertised above, there are coupons for $2 off in it. You can also visit, where they have a discount season pass that you may be interested in. Adult tickets are $27 regularly. The season pass for 2 can be purchased for $99. So if you want to make a 2 day even of it, which can easily be done, then this is the best way to go. The park has go karts, Miniature Golf and many water adventure rides.

#3 Destin Track - The Destin Track has several things to offer as well. If you have kids, this is a place to go to wear them down a little bit. There are go karts, bumper cars, miniature golf courses and several arcade games. The best way to get discounts on this activity is to go directly to their website, There are discounts for go kart rides and miniature golf that can save you several dollars.

#4 Southern Star Glass Bottom Boat - One of the coolest things you can do in Destin. This Glass Bottom boat has an area where you can literally see sea life underwater while inside the boat. There are windows in the lower compartment of the boat. Most times, the host will throw a net out to try to catch different sea animals. You may see a blowfish, a stingray, crabs or several other unlimited creatures. As the boat is cruising you will see dolphins surfing the waves behind it. The cruise lasts around an hour. Tickets for adults are $29. The coupon booklet is also the only form of discount known for this attraction, offering $2 off per ticket.

#5 Just Chute Me - Just chute me is a parasailing company in Destin. If you are brave enough, this is a must do experience. Tickets are a little pricey at $75 per adult. There is a known coupon at for $5 off per person.

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