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Devon - exploring the great British countryside

Updated on June 9, 2015

The South-West coast of England is a delight to behold. The difference between the UK and warmer climes is that you get that crisp, fresh, and sometimes icy breeze that makes your nose run and your clothes cling. It's like walking into one of those industrial sized fans and not being able to breathe properly as you try to gasp and talk and not really make much sense at all. Sometimes you even have to stop and turn the other way just so you can inhale and exhale and say a full sentence without all the long 'wait-a-minute' pauses as you struggle for air.

I don't remember a great deal from the Devon holiday. It was a one-week thing as I remember, but what I do recall brings me a huge amount of joy and humour, and is a wonderful way to reminisce about childhood holidays.



We rented a chalet by the sea, which gave us the ability to walk the cobbled streets and explore the nearby areas with ease and excitement. There are so many old-fashioned shops, including the both quaint and historical Clovelly Post Office where you can buy your postcards and send them to all your friends.

I remember playing baseball and eating ice-cream in the nearby gardens. These simple pleasures hold such happy memories for me. As do the spinning tea-cup rides in the fairground. We did so much walking and I suppose that is one of the major attractions of visiting Devon - all the rambling. As well as the picturesque coastline, and the wondrous gushing waterfalls of the area, there is also a farm where you can milk cows and pet rabbits - a must for any 9 year old child on holiday in the South West of England.

Devon coastline


The town of Exeter is only a short train ride away, if you feel the need to see a city and do a bit of shopping. The funniest bit about the whole trip is that as a 9-year old, I realised how easy it would be to become a gambling addict! You see there was a small arcade where they had slot machines and a snooker table. Me and my sister used to go and play on the slot machines every evening after dinner, and it definitely is a slippery slope. We used to ask for change from our mum every night, and sure enough every night we would lose all of it on the slot machines. Of course you win the odd time, and that is the draw right. Anyway, after that holiday, I decided not to play those slot machines again as I could see myself getting really addicted. So you see, there was a life lesson as well as an enjoyable holiday haha! :)

In terms of having a really relaxing and healthy vacation, I would definitely recommend visiting Devon, and getting stuck in to some wholesome country life!

Devon coast



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