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Diaoyu islands dispute

Updated on September 29, 2010

Diaoyu islands dispute

In 10th September 2010, Chinese fishing-boat was collided with Japanese Coast Guard ships in Diaoyu islands territorial waters. Unfortunately, the captain of Chinese fishing-boat had been arrested by Japanese government. In the end of Diaoyu islands dispute, the Chinese captain has come back to China, does it mean China win this diplomatic conflict? Actually it’s not. There are three reasons why China is a loser as following:

Firstly, Chinese government didn’t articulate its stance in time. Sovereignty are not violated is a fundamental principle of international law. According to the international practice, Chinese government should recall its ambassadors and declare to break off diplomatic relations with Japan. If not, there is just one reason that Chinese government has no courage. Therefore, Chinese government was failing to take a clear stand primarily.

Secondly, Chinese government was not up-to-the-minute to start the public voice while Japanese people began the parade. It is no doubt that the government of China didn’t believe its citizens, as well as the citizen did not support the government. What’s more, Chinese media coverage was self-deceiving about this issue. Thus, they couldn’t work together to against Japan in this dispute.

Thirdly, Chinese government had neither been compensated nor had it got any apologize from Japanese government. Besides, the release of the captain was Japanese prosecutorial department but not Japanese government. It absolutely means this affair was legal.

On the other hand, what is Japan ambition? First of all, force America to declare its position. Then, find out the attitude of China. Finally, stir up the citizen’s conflict sentiments of China. Thus, Japan will have positive advantages when it is mentioned Diaoyu islands issue.

Above is just personal view.

(By Cong Zhou)

The Senkaku Islands

The Senkaku Islands also known as the Diaoyu Islands, or the Pinnacle Islands, are a group of disputed uninhabited islands controlled and administered by Japan since 1895, but also claimed by both the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China as part of Taiwan Province, Toucheng Township inYilan County since 1971. The United States controlled the islands as part of its occupation of Okinawa from 1945 to 1972.

The islands are located roughly northeast of Taiwan, due west of Okinawa, and due north of the southwestern end of theRyukyu Islands in the East China Sea. (


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