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To Die Or Not To Die

Updated on December 7, 2012

Here we are, approaching the end of the year 2012. Many of us had made a lot of interesting things during the year: some got married, had kids, fond new job or simply fall in love. But the reason why it is important to us is because the year 2012 is said to be the last… in eternity.

Yes, you guessed right, we are about to meet another apocalypse, this one has been changed, canceled and finally removed to the 21st of December. This end of the world is believed to be fortune told by great civilization A.D – Mayas.

In order not to waste our time on buying all the crap that is in the stores and malls I recommend we spend some time studying the problem. First of all it should be mentioned that this is not the first idea of the end of the world. We had it each decade; some were connected to numbers like 1666 or 1999, then we waited for a machine attack in the year 2000, a hadron collider explosion and now it’s Maya’s calendar.

Those of you who have started to panic, please, take at least a minute and google Mayas; you will see that they were no evil aliens but very educated humans, who only made a calendar that ends an era, not the world.

I view it simply as an effective way to get consumers to buy things they don't necessarily need while in the state of confusion and fear.

Surely there is a good side of a medal, you can decide to quit your job, tell everybody how you love them and go to France or Turkey, which are said the only two places that will survive after this horrible disaster.

I suggest we go to Mexico, to Tultitlan, from where the whole rumor started, go to these pyramids and end our trip with a shot of tequila. At least it sounds like fun.


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    • Vera Petryk profile image

      Vera Petryk 5 years ago

      haha))true story

    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 5 years ago from Davao City

      The future is uncertain. Who knows the world will end right after I post this comment? haha