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Differences Between America and Australia

Updated on September 3, 2012

If you're from America and looking for a place to travel, but don't want too much of a culture shock, try out Australia! It is a beautiful, English-speaking country that is not too far from what we are used to in the States. However, there are some differences that still remind you that you're away from home.


Yes, Australians speak English, but there are some words and phrases that are entirely different than what is heard in America. A lot of Australian slang words end in "ie". Breakfast becomes 'brekkie', Australian becomes 'Aussie', and candy is 'lollies'. Some Americans also find Australians to slur their words a bit more than Americans do.


Food in Australia has many Asian-inspired dishes. They also serve a lot of seafood, due to their close proximity of surrounding water. One thing you'll struggle to find more-so than you would in America is Mexican food. It is by no means impossible to find in Australia, but in America it is much more common.

Australia has McDonalds as frequently as America does, but instead of Burger King Australia has 'Hungry Jacks'. Australians chocolate of choice is Cadbury, not Hershey. Most Australians are also not aware of what a Smore is. However, Australians have a delicious chocolate cookie called a TimTam, which can be found in nearly any grocery store.

Food is also slightly more expensive in Australia than it is in America.


- Australian wildlife is extremely different: Kangaroos, Wallabies, Dingoes, Echidnas, and Kookaburras will fascinate anyone who has never seen them before.

- Australian seasons are opposite North Americas, due to being on the other side of the equator.

- Australians have a very strict no gun policy and some Australians find Americans violent because we treat guns so casually.

- Learn of the places I recommend seeing in Australia here.

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