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Family Fun Vacation Idea - Renting Houseboats Make an Affordable Family Vacation

Updated on February 27, 2014

Houseboat Resources

Find Everything You Want To Know About Houseboats

Running out of affordable vacation ideas? Houseboats are like renting a hotel in the water and you will have to also pay for your fuel.

You can sleep, sail and eat all in one spot. Houseboats are typically live-in boats and are basically large, flat-bottomed power boats with square sides and house-like characteristics.

The houseboats typically sleep 10, 12 and 14 people although there are luxury houseboats that may have accommodations for more.

If your unfamiliar with houseboats but have thought about houseboat rentals the best thing to do beside scouring the Internet is to go to a Houseboat Show; where you will see how other people spend their time and money.

To own one is quite an expensive investment but if it's just for the experience a houseboat rental is perfect and very inexpensive. You can visit the rental property and ask question but to receive a series of answers to your questions and concerns it may be best to attend a houseboat show.

If you are already familiar with houseboats you can go to the boat show to see what is currently available in the new models. There is so much more you can find, from how to sale to how to finance your own.

What You Can Find At A Houseboat Show

  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Insurance
  • Marinas
  • Manufactures
  • Financing
  • Accessories
  • Money Prizes
  • Competitions
  • Tournaments

A boat show is full of activities, festivities and information for the newbie’s to the seasoned owners. Make going to one a week end family event. You never know you just might be a winner of one great prize.

Please check out Cheap Florida Family Vacations and see how houseboats can enhance your stay.

Renting Houseboats Are More Inexpensive Than You Might Think

Renting Houseboats

Just to give you an idea of the pricing a 3 day 2 night midweek stay sleeping 12 can cost about $600 up. Each houseboat rental location is different.

Houseboat Rental Types


  • extremely popular
  • practical model
  • stable wide platform
  • storage space


  • extremely popular
  • stability
  • practicality
  • reasonably priced


  • popular
  • stability
  • practicality
  • horsepower
  • speed
  • storage


  • popular model
  • comfortable ride in all (rough)weather,
  • fuel (diesel) efficiency.

Luxury Houseboat

  • twin level
  • spacious
  • comfort


  • less popular model
  • fuel efficient (since it creates little "drag" in the water).


  • popular model
  • stability
  • practicality
  • storage
  • shallow depth


  • popular model
  • trans-portability
  • trailer a smaller boat


  • less popular model
  • used for residential living
  • cottage style
  • inexpensive

Renting Houseboats In Your Local Area

House Boats for Sale

Visit boat websites such as or to see what is in your local area.Just go to your state, choose your boat type, then price range. Make a day trip out of becoming more familiar with what house boats have to offer.

House Boats for Rent

For rentals you can go to or put house boats for rent in your search engine.

Finding the perfect house boat to rent to enjoy a family vacation or event is easy when you know what you want and what to expect. Going to a boating event will certainly allow you to see what your choices are and what to expect in your price range.

Rent a houseboat first before buying. Renting houseboats for enjoyment will allow you an inexpensive get-a-way and make you more knowledgeable before buying.


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      Plan Trip India 6 years ago

      quite informative page. thank you somuch for sharing this information with us.

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      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Happy to be of assistance! I was new to this as well. Can't wait to rent one of those babies.

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      Nice comparisons! Educated me on something I didn't know much about.