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Dingmans Falls and Silver Thread Falls (2 Gorgeous Waterfalls)

Updated on February 26, 2014

Since I was already in the area after checking out Bushkill Falls, I decided to take a 20 minute drive and see two more waterfalls: Dingmans Falls and Silver Thread Falls.

This side of Pennsylvania seems to be full of different waterfalls to check out!

You'll be happy to know that it's free to come here and that there's no real hiking; the path is on a wooden boardwalk.

The only "difficult" part you'll run into is if you want to walk up to the top of Dingmans Falls; there's 240 steps to climb.

And this place seemed to be a lot less crowded!

So, right off the bat I was liking this place and I hadn't even seen the waterfalls yet.

Silver Thread Falls (80 feet)
Silver Thread Falls (80 feet)

How do you get here?

First and foremost, I want to make sure that you know how to get here so that you can see it yourself.

I'm going to direct you to the road that takes you right to the parking lot at Dingmans Falls. You should see a big green building with Dingmans Falls on the side of it when you pull into the parking lot. There's also restrooms and drinking fountains.

Click THIS LINK to open a map to the parking lot. This will show you exactly where you want to go and you can even enter your address to get directions to Dingmans Falls from your house.

Aim for the green arrow; you'll be parking in that loop. You can even see the roofs of the buildings there.

See the Falls in Action

Now you can chose to read the text below and look at the pictures first or you can "hike" the boardwalk through the video to the right.

To get to the boardwalk you'll have to walk to the end of the parking lot near the restrooms. There's a sidewalk that goes in between the restrooms and the main building, passes a drinking fountain and curves to the right before it heads off into the woods.

The whole trail is only 1/2 a mile to the base of Dingmans Falls.

You'll first come upon the thin, 80 foot high Silver Thread Falls on your right. The water falls down two levels here between plant-covered rocks. 

Dingmans Falls (130 feet)
Dingmans Falls (130 feet)

As you continue on you'll soon hear the main attraction in the background: Dingmans Falls.

As soon as I saw it I immediately liked this place better than Bushkill Falls. Such a calm, natural feel to this place... you know, like nature should be.

This waterfall is 130 feet high and has a nice clear pool of water in front of it.

If you want to go see Dingmans Falls from the top of it, you'll have to backtrack a little to the stairs up to the top. They were on your left as you were coming to check out the falls from the base.

Seeing it from the crest really helps you appreciate the size of this natural beauty.

So if you're in the area, you should definitely come take a short boardwalk stroll through the forest and gaze at the simple beauty of nature.

Been here before?

Which waterfall is your favorite?

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What else is there to do at Dingmans Falls?

 There's really not much else for you to do at Dingmans Falls unless you want to check out the Visitor's Center. 

But if you like to make your eyes smile at the wonders of our natural world, then I think you should take a trip here!

What'd You Think About Your Walk At Dingmans Falls?

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    • Bendo13 profile image

      Ben Guinter 6 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      My pleasure, nettie! I like to make sure people get to the right place. It looks like Google updated their maps a little because that road on the map wasn't there before, but it still helps to know to look for the loop.

      What's your survivor team?

    • profile image

      nettie 6 years ago

      thanks for such excellent map links...esp the "loop" parking notation! I want YOU on my survivor team:-)

    • Bendo13 profile image

      Ben Guinter 7 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      No, sadly you can't taco. They have everything fenced off on the boardwalk that you walk on. They don't even want you damaging the area by walking on the ground and making a path so you're on a raised boardwalk the whole time.

    • profile image

      taco 7 years ago

      can u go in the water there?

    • Bendo13 profile image

      Ben Guinter 7 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      Yeah it's a great place, Kevin! Not too crowded and the rangers are always there to help. Very cool stroll through the woods.

    • profile image

      Kevin 7 years ago

      Very nice I really liked this falls and silverthreas falls very calm natural setting like the flow and shape of the falls rangers on duty very helpful