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Discover Bainbridge Island

Updated on April 11, 2015

Bainbridge Island, is a sweet little escape from Seattle. It's one of the many islands along the Puget Sound area and a beautiful, 35 minute ferry ride away from Seattle. The action takes place along Winslow Way E, the main street that is lined with shops, restaurants and four wine tasting rooms.

Winslow Way E. Bainbridge Island
Winslow Way E. Bainbridge Island | Source

There are four wine tasting rooms and each offers a different array to suite your palate. Try a walking tour and a sample at all four, to get a feel of the area. I started at Eleven and sampled five of their premium wines for the great price of $14.

There's a romantic aura that floats through the air, in this pristine little gem of a town. Let the atmosphere and positive energy flow through you, as you try the wine tasting tour. If your spending a weekend, you can always divide it up and take in two tasting rooms per day.

Bainbridge Island

The feel of romance continued on for me, while I enjoyed a pomegranate Bellini, as I waited for my lunch at Doc's Marina Grill. This restaurant offers fantastic views of docked sail boats and the Puget Sound, while dining from the deck.

The food was fabulous, I had two meals there, dinner and lunch. The fish and chips, were fresh and cooked to perfection. The shrimp that accompanied my linguine was fresh and the prices were very reasonable, for the area.

Doc's Marina Grill, Bainbridge Island
Doc's Marina Grill, Bainbridge Island | Source

There is the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, where you can stop in, take the tour and learn the history of the area. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions about any exhibit.

The Historic Museum of Bainbridge Island
The Historic Museum of Bainbridge Island | Source

Take a stroll along the beautiful Waterfront Park, I walked along the trail as I was exploring. The views are breath taking. There is a bike rental near the ferry, where you can rent a bike to ride if you don't feel like walking.

Waterfront Park, Bainbridge Island
Waterfront Park, Bainbridge Island | Source

There are boat rentals available, just walk out on the dock and you can rent a boat, to do some fishing. If you're feeling the need to escape from your daily routine and to get in touch with nature, this could be your remedy.

Boat Rentals
Boat Rentals | Source

Though there is so much more to see on this unique little island. There is a spectacular Art Museum that displays the beautiful art of the areas local artists and it's free to take a tour. I fell in love with this Island and hope to move there some day.

If you are planning a romantic weekend get away, this could be the perfect place for you. It's quiet and plenty to do to create some bonding time alone. The locals are friendly and make tourists feel welcome. If you get the opportunity, escape to Bainbridge Island.


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