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Discover Ljubljana

Updated on August 25, 2010

After the independence of Slovenia in 1991, Ljubljana grew from an ugly duckly into a beautiful swan. Numerous renovations and restorations where done to make it the perfect centerpiece, capital, of Slovenia. All strolling along the beautiful squares and charming terraces, you will discover the poetry of Ljubljana.

In Ljubljana there is no talk of mass tourism, but there is there is a pleasant sociable activity which you can expect from a capital. Get acquainted with Ljubljana!


Botanic Garden

Robba fountain

Cultural curiosities in Ljubljana

Cultural curiosities in Ljubljana

  • Botanic garden
  • Bled, (Ice lake at the Alpen )
  • Drakenburg (The historical symbol of Ljubljana)
  • Central market with Slovenian specialties, fresh vegetables, fruit and exotic spices
  • Triple bridge
  • Franciscanen monastery
  • Gruber palate
  • National Museum
  • Ljubljanski Grad (castle of Ljubljana)
  • shoe-maker bridge
  • Robba fountain
  • Nicolaas cathedral
  • National Theatre of Slovenia
  • University of Ljubljana (with no less than more than 55,000 students this is of worldly largest universities)
  • Zoo of Ljubljana
  • Urbanc building


Shop in Ljubljana

Every shopaholic knows  it or must know it: Ljubljana is perfect spot shop. The city lies near the Italian border and  there are a lot of Italian vogue houses. You will  find many shops of well-known international marks in the centre. The prices of Italian stylist clothing are lower than in some other European countries . But this is not everything; Slovenian vogue designers have considerably gained popularity over  the last years and their designs are admired  more and more in the splendid Ljubljana. In the  City park and Emporium you will find  the well-known international brands. In Levstikov trg and Gornji trg you will find designs of Slovenian stylists. Excellent quality for a reasonable price.  

There are also a lot of markets in open air where you can find beautiful souvenirs for a low price. If you like antique you just want to go to all those antique shops that are also there.

A night out in Ljubljana

 As soon as you arrive you will directly see that Ljubljana is a city with a lot of sociable terraces and there are enough clubs to go to. The prices in cafes and clubs are also cheaper than in some other countries of Europe. The reason that is cheap is because there are a lot of students in Ljubljana and as you know students don’t have much money to spend. A lot of terraces are in summer style. Yes, they even have palm trees and loungers.


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    • Wauzzy profile image

      Wauzzy 6 years ago

      Yes, it is very pretty!

    • profile image

      Medkh9 7 years ago

      the place looks awesome wow i dream to visit it one day