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Discover Pulong Pasig in Calauag, Quezon, Philippines

Updated on June 10, 2016

Not a fan of the crowded Boracay? Or expensive holiday destinations like Palawan and Mindoro? Why not visit the Pulong Pasig in Calauag, Quezon.

If you are looking for unique islands in the Philippines offering a unique experience, you can visit this island in the southernmost tip of Quezon Province.

It is not yet a developed tourist destination but has a potential to become one. Home to a kilometre long sand bar and a marine sanctuary with tons of variety of fishes and corals, this island located at eastern part of Calauag is one of the places to be whether you are an intrepid traveller or pleasure seeker.

From Manila, you can ride a bus from Buendia or in Cubao, Quezon City bound to Calauag, Quezon, the fare is around P400. Travel time is 5-6 hours. Once you reach the town, there are tricycles that can take you to the municipal port.

At the port, ride a boat either through by contract or passenger boats going to Brgy. Sto. Angel. Travel time is around 2-3 hours for P 60-80 per person. There are locals there that can assist you in exploring the island.

As I’ve said it is yet to be developed so there are no facilities like cottage with rooms or open cottages, I advise you to bring a tent and an overnight stay is not recommended.

For divers, there is a marine sanctuary (Balagbag Reef and Fish Sanctuary) present in the area, home to numerous marine species.


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      reziel raquel 6 months ago

      Is there entrance fee