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Discovering Travelers Insurance in 4 Easy Steps

Updated on January 31, 2018
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Kevin has been traveling for the past 4 years on a shoestring budget. With his resourcefulness, he travels worry-free while seeing the world



I've heard plenty of traveling horror stories about people losing their luggage, getting robbed or other situations that you wouldn't think would happen. Like having your valuables fly off the roof of your car. Though none of this happened to me, I made sure it's better to keep my stuff protected, instead of being out of luck. So I set up a travelers insurance policy.

For this, I did a little digging to find the best traveling insurance company.

General insurance services offer useful policies but lack the abilities which put the traveler's interest first.

Personally, I use Allianz as my primary travel insurance and Travelex for my secondary travel protection. They both offer the most affordable travel plans which cover every aspect of travel.

Let's Dive in to help you learn

Step 1: Does Your Travel Insurance Provider offer a 24-hour Assistance hotline?

When you begin your search for your travel insurance plan the first thing you want to look for is if they offer a 24-hour Assistance Hotline. You do not to be stuck in an emergency situation without getting the help you need. You are hiring them to keep you safe, that is their job. If they are unable to protect you, what are you paying them for?


Step 2 - Finding An Emergency Medical Traveler Protection Plan.

Step 2 - Finding An Emergency Medical Traveler Protection Plan.

The next step to consider when finding a traveler protection plan are emergency medical such as dental emergencies, get sick or have a serious accident when traveling. For this, look for travel insurance policies which offer this option.

For Example, Imagine you A few hours after savoring some steak at a beach bar in Jamacia, you start getting a really bad: high fever, chills and nausea and making trips to your hotel room bathroom to throw up. You Got Food Poisoning!

You call your Traveler Insurance Company to find a local doctor that accepts your travel insurance. Schedule your appointment to get treated immediately.

The doctor diagnoses and confirms you have food poisoning and treats you for dehydration. While letting your travel insurance provider foot the bill so you can get feel like new while swimming with dolphins in the clear water on a tropical Jamaican Beach.

Another vital thing to consider when you perform your personal travel review is making sure the travel insurance provider offers Existing Medical Condition Coverage Policy. Since I am a recovering heart surgery survivor, this is a must.

The way this works is if you, a traveling companion, or a family member has an existing medical condition.

Also, most people do not like to think about accidental death or dismemberment when traveling. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think.

When reviewing travel insurance policies, make sure they offer an accidental death or dismemberment policy, that also provides reparation of remains.


Step 3 - Does The Travel Insurance Provider cover lost or damaged personal property?

Baggage loss and damaged property are the most common encounter travelers have.

When are looking for travel insurance, review their policy to see if they Covers loss, damage or theft of baggage and personal effects. There should be a combined Maximum Benefit limit shown on the Confirmation of Coverage for the following: jewelry; watches; articles consisting in whole or in part of silver, gold or platinum; furs; articles trimmed with or made mostly of fur; personal computers, cameras and their accessories and related equipment.

When locating the best baggage policy make sure that the travel insurance policy includes reimbursement for Baggage Delays. No one wants to go on a trip without the necessities.

Step 4 - Does The Travel Insurance Company cover transportation?

Trip Delays often can cause an expensive and stressful last-minute itinerary change. For this make sure the travel insurance provider will reimburse you for any pre-paid activity expenses when a cruise or tour supplier changes your covered trip itinerary, preventing you from participating in that event or activity.

In addition to this, you should always, and I mean always make sure there is a travel insurance policy that reimburses you for additional transportation, accommodation, and meal expenses, as well as the nonrefundable payments for the unused portion of your cruise, if you miss your cruise ship departure because of the cancellation or delay of all scheduled flights due to inclement weather.

This often can cause an itinerary change. Changing your plans last minute can be costly, not to mention stressful. For this make sure the travel insurance provider will reimburse you for any pre-paid activity expenses when a cruise or tour supplier changes your covered trip itinerary, preventing you from participating in that event or activity.


When you decide on a travel insurance provider, it is always good to have a primary and secondary insurance travel plan. This practice is to ensure you have everything you need.

Most general insurance providers offer this these service but lack international travel insurance coverage.


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