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Discovering Treasures In Handicrafts Of Ecuador!

Updated on November 26, 2016
Figuras de Masa Pan or Bread Dough Ornaments from Calderon, Ecuador.
Figuras de Masa Pan or Bread Dough Ornaments from Calderon, Ecuador.

Learn more about handicrafts from Ecuador!

Miniature figurines made from the nut of a palm tree. Once known for buttons, this nut is known as “vegetable ivory.” Many artisans derive a living from this handicraft in Ecuador. Some have even taken it to a much higher level.

Handicrafts are usually those somewhat inexpensive items you search for to define your trip to places unknown to create memories. I can teach you about many of the unique items found, and in many cases exclusively, in Ecuador.

Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • What handicrafts are unique to Ecuador
  • Is the Panama Straw Hat really from Ecuador
  • Is filigree jewelry still made by hand
  • What is tagua
  • Are handicrafts expensive
  • Is everything really handmade
  • Are handicrafts more expensive in the big cities
  • What are some of the most popular items
  • Are the figures from Calderon really made from bread dough
  • Where can I get the best wood carvings
  • Are flutes and panpipes still handmade
  • Where can I find baskets
  • Can I get hand thrown clay pottery in Ecuador
  • Where are leather goods made

You will be dazzled by the variety and imagination shown with handicrafts in Ecuador. Join me to discover more and Ecuador’s handicrafts.

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