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Discovering the beautiful city of Iasi

Updated on February 9, 2016

Medieval secrets in the former capital city of Moldavia

There are certain cities around the world that escape our notice. In the charming and fascinating era of globalisation, touristic “secrets” are shared. This is how unknown cities are now visited from faraway places. The joy of discovering new and interesting places thrives in the hearts of young people that love to travel. One of the most exciting places to visit today is Iasi City, located in Romania.

What makes this location so special? Well, first of all, the northern region of Romania is absolutely gorgeous. This is where you’ll find the famous wooden painted monasteries of Bukovina, known for their exceptional artwork and craftsmanship. If you are planning on taking a trip and don’t know where to go, the city of Iasi should spike your interest.

A wonderful trip in this part of Romania will be accompanied by a lot of beautiful memories. A lot of men and women that visited the city of Iasi spoke very highly of its cultural and historical gifts. It is the type of town that keeps you guessing. You never know what you’ll see at end of the street. Each day in Iasi is a chance to discover new things about the glory days of Moldavia, ruled a couple of centuries ago by Stephen the Great.

This lord managed to make his way into the history books with a sharp sword and a sharper mind. A lot of historians (Romanians and Europeans) speak highly of the heroic deeds of Stephen. It is important to have access to a couple of information sources, great for shedding some light on the touristic treasures of the Moldavian region.

What are the secrets behind a visit in Iasi?

There are many beautiful places in Iasi which can make your day brighter. If you do decide to visit Iasi, you are in for a real treat. What can you visit there? Well, the cultural and historical link of the city with various time periods is outstanding. There are many monuments, buildings and landmarks that will most likely amaze you. From a historical point of view, Iasi was the capital city of Moldova from 1564 to 1859. In addition, Iasi was the capital city of Romania during the First World War 1916 to 1918. The latest archaeological surveys showed that even the Romans reached the shores of Iasi. Some historians found Roman imperial coins, near Cetatuia Hill. Furthermore in Valea Lupului there were some interesting Sarmatia tombs, Dacian pottery and various treasure items.

Visitors have the chance of seeing a lot of beautiful things. A historical survey showed that over 10.000 years ago, a group of people called “tatarii” brought in the region alanii. They established a settlement where the city Iasi stands today. This is the where the name Iasi comes from. You should know that in the year 1564, Alexandru Lapusneanu moved the capital of Moldova from Suceava to Iasi. Along the years, Moldavian rulers managed to improve the city’s infrastructure. As a tourist, you should visit the amazing Trei Ierarhi church and Palace City Mall complex. The city of Iasi is without a doubt an urban wonder, which can become a source of vibrant visual pleasure.

There are many ways to properly discover the city:

  • By car
  • By public transportation
  • On foot

If you travel by plane, you need to have access to a car. So, you can choose to appeal to a professional rent a car service and thus go from one place to another without problems. The city of Iasi deserves a place in your travel guide.

Palace Mall Iasi
Palace Mall Iasi | Source

Discover the wonderful city of Iasi

How can you discover faster Iasi city?

1. Rent a car and drive away - Tourists have the possibility of renting quality cars from different firms.

2. Long walks in the city - Everyone should take the time to walk down the streets of Iasi

3. Public transportation - You can use public buses to get around

Iasi City Location

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