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Disney World Hotels and Lodges-Cutting Costs While Traveling

Updated on March 15, 2011

Choices To Choose From


Disney World hotels all offer the ability to stay on the property of the Disney World park. There are some hotels that are fancier than others while there are some basic hotels on the property as well. If you want to enjoy your stay, one of the many Orlando hotels will have the deal that you are looking for whether you choose from the Disney World hotels or you choose to stay off from the property. Just know that if you choose to stay on the property, you are more likely going to enjoy your stay more than if you stayed off the property. Here are some reasons why staying in one of the Disney World resort hotels is better than off.

One reason that you will want to stay on the property of Disney World is due to the unique experience that you will get from staying on the property. The Disney World hotels and Orlando hotels are completely different from one another. The standard hotel is not going to be the same as the Disney ones in the quality of the stay and decor of the hotel that you are in.

The Disney World hotels are themed and Orlando hotels are not. The Disney resort hotels can be themed around a particular movie or scene. One of the more popular resort hotels is the safari hotel. Many of the travelers will choose to visit this resort because of the unique experience that you get. The safari resort will allow you to see a number of animals that you would otherwise only see inside of a zoo or by going to Africa.

The theme of the Disney World hotels safari resort is themed around the Lion King movie. The animals that you would see while staying at this Orlando hotels choice is the animals that you would have seen inside of the Disney hit "The Lion King". The movie comes alive while staying in the hotel.

The safari theme for this Disney World hotels is going to allow you to wake up in the morning with the ability to look outside of your hotel to see the giraffees eating from the trees, the hippos wading in the water and the birds chirping away. With this type of hotel, the chance to see something that you would not ordinarilly see everyday, why would you choose to stay in any of the other Orlando hotels.

One of the many lower end Orlando hotels that is offered through the Disney World hotels chain is the music theme hotel. Here you will get a number of musical backgrounds. The newest musical behind Disney is the High School Musical movies along with the Camp Rock movies. If you have teens who are into this type of movie and show, you will want to check out this hotel while visiting the Orlando area and when attending Disney World.

With the number of Orlando hotels offered and the assortment of Disney World hotels available, it would make sense that each hotel would want to out do the others and make their hotel even grandier than the last. That is why it is a competitive hotel world in Orlando and that is why it is best to see which hotel offers you what when visiting the Orlando area. What might work for you may not work for another and therefore, the hotel of your choice is not the hotel of choice for another.



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