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DisneyQuest - Please Stay Open.

Updated on June 2, 2016
Disney Quest is located in Disney Springs.
Disney Quest is located in Disney Springs.

What is DisneyQuest?

DisneyQuest, which is an indoors interactive gaming facility five stories high, is currently opened to the public until the end of July. What has always been my favorite Disney attraction along with being the greatest arcade ever, will indeed close down for what I assume to be because of the lack of thinking that went into this establishment. Though it might be too late to stop the doors from closing, it's never too late to declare the disappointment in it all.

Growing up in Tampa, Fl. being raised by a family who all truly love Disney, attending DisneyQuest was a ritual of it's own. Whether it was all of us or my parents just dropping me and my sister off, it was always promised that a good time here would be had. As the years grew on and I became the adult that I am today, I declare the acknowledgement that yeah the idea of this place seems a tad bit corny, but I will always suggest that it is one of the coolest spots to go to.

The understanding that this place is to be closed down so that an "NBA Experience" attraction can be added, upsets me the most.

I’m not sure if I personally just hate the idea due to the lack of interest I carry for basketball or that I just grew up going to DisneyQuest and the fact that it is closing breaks my heart, but it makes me carry the worry that this is all a horrible idea.Yes, if a business can't hold up revenue and is equipped to closing down, then the company should chose to do so, but the replacement should be equal, if not better.

To my understanding is that in order to close down DisneyQuest, a new appealing attraction must be added, but I have an idea - DisneyQuest.2.

The reasoning behind DisneyQuests failure is the lack of marketing plus the lack of keeping up with today's technology. It got to the point that any interaction gaming found at DisneyQuest was being accessible through tablets, phones, etc. making DisneyQuest seem out of date and without any purpose.

What I claim is this: Open up a new DisneyQuest with better attractions that fit this generation and it's needs. This way hearts aren't broken everywhere, the establishment can continue to grow, and kids can continue to have a good time.

If you're a DisneyQuest lover like me, spread the word. Once again, it's probably too late to change some minds, but maybe we can see a new DisneyQuest in our near future.

Remembering DisneyQuest Before it's Forgotten

Should a new and improved DisneyQuest open?

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A marker1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830 -
1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830, USA
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Located in Disney Springs.


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