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Disneyland Discount Tickets

Updated on May 13, 2011

Disneyland Discount Tickets

Are you looking for Disneyland discount tickets? The theme park opened in July of 1955 and was actually name changed to Disneyland Park in 1998, which the name still stands as of today. The theme park, Disneyland, opened under the direction of Walt Disney, the creator and founder of a worldwide recognized and popular brand. Much like its sister theme park, Disney World, Disneyland is famous for amusement entertainment, ride attractions and resort accommodations. This amusement park also offers the same divisions that are broken into themed areas through out to awe park goers. Disneyland tickets are not cheap; therefore, discount options are the way to go to save money.

Did you know that Disneyland ticket sales are sky high? The park averages over 12 million visitors per year. In fact, the amusement park is the most visited park worldwide.

How to Get Disneyland Discount Tickets Through Vendors

If you are looking for Disneyland discount tickets and are an AAA member, you can buy cheaper tickets through them. Stop at the nearest AAA in your area or call them from the number on the back of your membership card.  Other membership services may also offer discounted tickets, so inquire if you belong to other groups. 

Disneyland Money Savers and Deals

Discount Tickets for Disneyland through the Company

The Disney Corporation is always running specials and deals for discounted tickets and packages. Visit Disneyland.Disney.Go.Com, the official site and scroll down the page to where you see “Special Offers.” Visit the “Special Offers” page periodically to check on what the latest deals are for discount tickets.

Check out the links above and below to the “Special Offers” page for current ticket pricing and package deals. Package deals may be ideal for international and out of state travelers, if you catch a good deal on tickets and accommodations.

Online Discount Tickets for the Theme Park

Visit or periodically and see if there are any discounted tickets for sale. Sometimes people buy their tickets ahead and are not able to use them so they put them online to sell. If you buy online, check the seller’s feedback on eBay to ensure the individual has a reputable track record. Avoiding buying if the person has excessive negative comments. If you find discounted tickets on, meet the person in a public area to buy the tickets.

Disneyland Annual Ticket Pass to Save Money

If you and your family visit Disneyland frequently, you can buy a yearly pass to save money, where you won’t need discounted tickets. As of 2010, you can buy a pass for $76.00 down and $9.00 per month for the year. The only stipulation is that you have to reside in the zip code of Southern CA. 

Disneyland View

Get Disneyland discount tickets before your next visit to save money.
Get Disneyland discount tickets before your next visit to save money.


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