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Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Updated on April 23, 2010

Usually I would stick to books and movies, I really have not traveled much at all. But if there is one destination that I am familiar with enough to discuss it is Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. Some of the best times of my life have been spent in Disney World and I love telling people who would not normally choose Florida as a vacation spot all the fun they are missing.

As far as hotels/resorts to stay hands down I would have to recommend to anyone Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. The CBR is one of Disney's mid-range resorts in affordability; it is not as cheap as the different All-Star resorts, but you are not spending a bundle like you would at the Floridian, the Polynesian, or the Contemporary. What I love the most about this resort is that you do not feel like you are in a big impersonal hotel. The resort is divided into five different 'islands', all with their own color scheme and vibe. While there is a main pool in the center of the resort which is a big draw for families since it is right near the food court and gift shop, there are also five smaller more private pools, one in each island. Both times I stayed there my husband and I were in Aruba, and I have to say that pool was the best because it felt private enough to just sit quietly and read a book, but if we felt more like going for a walk right across the sidewalk was a beach! That's right, Disney brought the beach to Central Florida in the form of a gigantic man-made lagoon which spreads throughout the resort. And while there is no swimming in the lagoon, the beaches are equipped with lounge chairs and even hammocks to just kick back and relax on. One night my husband and I even found a bottle of 'Fairytale Champagne' in the gift shop (which is an amazing champagne found only in Disney World, we lugged three bottles home!), cracked it open in the room and then went out and relaxed on the beach. Mind you we went in November for our anniversary so the crowds were probably not as dense as they get during the summer months, but it was still relatively busy and yet we still could be in the middle of it all but feel relaxed.

Now I have visited the Polynesian many times to eat at Ohana (which is an amazing restaurant), but while we walked around the resort we never really felt like we would want to stay there. I mean it was a Wednesday night in November and the one pool they had was packed, what must it be like in July? While it has direct monorail access to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot you still feel confined, it does not have the open feeling of the CBR.

We have also frequented the tea room at the Grand Floridian (I know it sounds sad for a 26 year old to be in a tea room but I loved it and even my husband had to admit it was a good time). The Floridan is styled after the Victorian era and you definitely feel transported back when you walk into the lobby; but if I am in Disney World I do not want to mortgage the house just to pay for the hotel. It is a gorgeous hotel, and as much as I would like to visit for tea, I would not want to stay for a week.. It just does not have that Florida feel.

The past two years I have gone down for my honeymoon and our first anniversary, and both times Disney made it an unforgettable holiday. My husband, knowing that I am a creature of habit, had asked if the next time we go down we can try a new hotel. I always nod and say sure, but when it comes to actually booking I may have to renege and stick with the CBR!

*The Caribbean Beach Resort is also super close to Disney's Boardwalk and Downtown Disney which is great for families, but even better if you're a young couple and want to stay out a little later!!


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    • Styles1920 profile image

      Styles1920 7 years ago from North Shore, Massachusetts

      Thanks for commenting! The tea room is a great time, but like most things in Disney be sure to make a reservation! My husband and I found that making reservations saved us a lot of time waiting around for tables. You used to be able to make them 180 days in advance but now I think they may have even extended that!

    • profile image

      House Husband 7 years ago

      I couldn't agree more. I too have stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and it is definitely one of my family's favorite places in Disney! I never knew about the tea room though, hopefully if we go back again we can try that.