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Do not go to Thailand Krabi Before you read this - Ao Nang Edition

Updated on May 6, 2014


Krabi is a province in the south of Thailand. Typical for the region are the many forest and plantations of rubber threes and oil palms as well as many fruits like mainly pineapple, durian and rambutan. Beside that, there are also many fields growing Coffee,cashew, coconut and of course Rice.

And also very typical and famous for the province are it's heavy Limestone Rocks, many of them building very outstanding formations. There are also many caves and natural springs existing, ideal for the animal to live in it.

As you look out to the sea, it becomes very quickly understood that powerful storms have cut into the land and shaped the islands around krabi. Around the beautiful islands with its lovely, very fine sandy beaches around Ao Nang, the sea is normally very clear and there are lots's pf marine life to be seen, by occupied during a holiday for a couple of weeks.

Most of the accommodation (hotels and bungalow resorts) in Krabi is provided at and around Ao Nang Beach. As the region is growing pretty fast, there are numerous hotels and resort coming up. But personally, i can only recommend Peach Laguna Resort & Spa.


How to go to Ao Nang Beach from Krabi Airport

Upon reaching Krabi Airport, you must be wondering how should you get to Ao Nang Beach? How much is the fare like? Am i able to bargain for a better fare?

There are basically a few methods to travel over there depending on your cost of travel. One thing that amazed me is that the price is actually quite fixed and you wont be able to bargain much. Do note that the pricing is as of 29 April 2014. Price might varies due to inflation.

Taking a shuttle bus will be the cheapest alternative which cost you 150 bahts. You can easily buy a ticket over the counter inside the airport. This shuttle bus will travel through Ao Nang Beach and dropped tourist according to which hotel or resort that you stay in. So do remember to prepare your hotel or resort name before you approached the counter.

*Pichet Transport Co. Ltd. @ 085-8892664, 089-7297126

Alternatively, you might wished to engaged an airport taxicab if you are travelling in a larger group or you do not mind paying more for the comfortable seat. The fare ranges from 500-600 bahts and you could engaged their services at the counter.

For a bigger group, you could choose a Van which is able to accommodate 9 person at the price of 1050 Bahts.

Which Activity should I Choose?

Once you are settled into the hotel or resorts, you must be wondering what activity should you take up and how much does it cost?

Personally, it has been a rather short trip for me therefore i could only took up a one day package tour. If you have more time in Ao Nang Beach, you could in fact take up 2-3 days package tour.

To enrolled in a package, easiest way will be to engaged your hotel or resorts staff for the available package. However, the price they charged are normally higher.

The recommended way is for you to travel along Ao Nang's main road near the beach and speak to different operated for the best price and package. Do note that the price quoted by them are normally best price and bargaining do not reduce the price any further. However, if you are looking at 2-3 packages or your group of people are a lot more than 2, you might fetch a better pricing.


Phi Phi Islands Tour (Recommended especially if you had a short stay like me)

-Bamboo Island ; Walk around the gorgeous island, lounge on the beach, have a drink at the bar or go swimming/snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.

-Phi Phi Leh ; Maya Bay, walk in the footsteps of Leonardo Dicaprio from "The Beach" at this stunning location. Pileh Bay, cruise through the pristine emerald green waters of this dramatic cove. Viking Cave, stop to view the historic site where pirates once stayed. Lohsamah Bay, Snorkel in the pristine coral reefs surrounding Phi Phi Leh.

-Phi Phi Don; Tonsai Bay, After lunch you can walk around and enjoy the famous Tonsai Beach and catch some rays. Noi Bay, A secret paradise around the corner from Tonsai Bay. This place has some of the best snorkeling in Krabi.

-Prices range from 1000-2000 Bahts.

* I managed to secured this package at 2000 bahts for 1 + 1 pax from "GR & Rungtawan Ltd".


4 Islands Tour

-Phranang Cave; a very famous cave, location of a princess spirit house' respected and worshiped by the local people.

-Chicken Island; remember the name and you'll remember its funny rock shape which look like a chicken. Popular location for excellent snorkeling activity and marine life here will amazed you.

Tup Island; one of Thailand's unseen highlights, Tup island is situated along Koh Dam Khwan. As the tide recedes, the sea is gradually separated by the white sand and limestone beach that will appear to amazingly connect the two islands at low tide.

Poda Island; Lovely white, sandy beach, ideal for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. Enjoy great underwater adventures, exploring colorful corals and reef fish.

-Prices range from 800-1200 Bahts


Hong Islands Tour

-Hong Island; A beautiful place. Enter by boat a unique narrow passageway leading to Hong Island's fantastic lagoon of green and blue waters, surrounded by the limestone mountains and mangrove forests .

-Lading Island - Up until a few years ago, tourists were not allowed on Lading Island. Instead it was left for the people who collect swallow nests and lived there. Today, it is sometimes called "Paradise Island" and a trip here is like going back in time.

-Pakbia Island- It is interesting to see how the sea wave here have eroded the rocks and dug holes like caves through them.

-Rai Island- When the tide is low, you can walk from one island to another on the magical beach which appears and disappears at high tides.

-Daeng Island - This island is a great rock coming out of the sea. At low tide, you can visits and admire its fabulous coral reefs.

-Prices range from 1200-1800 Bahts


Bicycle Tour

-Half Day Koh klang Culture cycling (19 km); 800 - 1000 Bahts

-Half Day Cycling in Ao Nang (27 km); 700 - 800 Bahts

-Half Day Waterfall Cycling (20-32km); 1000 - 1350 Bahts

-One day Jungle Cycling(20km); 1500-2000 bahts.

-One day Long distance cycling (56km); 1800 Bahts

Others Activities

-Seven Islands Tour

-Sunset Tour

-Jungle & Elephant Trekking

-Tours to Tiger Cave Temple

-Island Fishing Trips

-One day Khao Hon Nak Trekking.


Food Not to be missed

Beside the usual Thai food and Seafood that you will be able to find here, there is one food that you will not want to missed it.

The famous pancake street food which you can easily seen at the roadside are one snack that you must grab over at Krabi - Ao Nang.

It Come with different ingredient and topping. You can choose between Banana, Manga, Egg etc as the ingredient and topping can be Nutella or Honey spread.

Would you love to visit Krabi - Ao Nang

See results

Relax in a session of Massage

Getting to the various activities will get you tired up soon. Be sure to immerse your body in oil and massage.

Body Massage ranges from 200 - 400 bahts. You can choose between Head, back or leg massage.

Facial Massage ranges from 300 - 500 bahts depending whether you are doing purely massage or with scrub or treatment.

Body Scrub ranges from 200- 600 bahts with the lowest being the Foot scrub.

Or simply choose a mixture of stuff for a package deals.


Being at Krabi - Ao Nang has brought me thinking of the Dec 2004 Tsunami. Ao Nang which is the main tourist site for Krabi was not severely affected by this disaster. However, the islands off Ao Nang was greatly affected. I will like to expressed my condolence to the victims, families and friend affected by this disaster.


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    • AlvinTay profile image

      Alvin Tay Kong Wei 3 years ago from Singapore

      Trat is Thailand’s eastern-most province, located about 315 kilometers from Bangkok. Trat is a very important ruby-mining province, with the most famous gem market located in Bo Rai District, some 50 kilometers north of the Cambodian border. However, i have yet to be there. Probably if you travel there, could share with the community more on it:)

    • profile image

      buddhaanalysis 3 years ago

      Very informative and interesting hub. Thank you very much.

      Can you tell where the gems mine are located in Thailand where tourist can enter to see it?