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Dog Travel Bags-The Scoop On Dog Travel Bags

Updated on June 16, 2016
Lucy - Parsons Jack Russell
Lucy - Parsons Jack Russell
Lucy "Claus" At Christmas Last Year-'Travelling outside the box!'
Lucy "Claus" At Christmas Last Year-'Travelling outside the box!'

What Is The Best Way To Take My Dog With Me When I Travel?

A Dog Travel Bag!

I am going to give you the scoop on Dog Travel Bags. I travel a lot. The most difficult part of travel for me used to be when I was traveling and had to leave behind my sweet dog, Lucy. We call her, "Our Lucy Dog."

I have always hated to leave her home all day when I knew I was going to be gone for extended times and couldn't predict when I would get back - which was daily in my bookkeeping business of unplanned emergencies and catastrophes!

I had to be always alert that someone was there to let her outside 2-3 times a day when I was gone. You can pay $20 + a day for that service from a dog babysitter. In this day and time, I find that a significant expense to fit into any budget! Great business, though!

Lucy has been with us for more than 10 years now. So, we like to bring her with us as often as possible. Having her own travel luggage takes care of that.

Dog Travel Bags-The Scoop On Dog Travel Bags

I looked at these essential tips before buying ours. Be sure to take your dog with you when you can, or have a list with you of their breed, age, height, weight, needs (food, water, toys, etc . . .) when you pick out your dog carrying bags.

  1. Make sure that the dog will fit in the dog carrying bag. These bags come in several sizes and so do dogs. So, make sure that the bag will match your dogs height, and weight. Be concerned about growth if the dog is younger than two-years old.
  2. Check the materials that these dog travel bags are made of. Some materials might irritate a dogs allergies. Be aware - Knowledge is power.
  3. Determine what bag compartments you like best - or need - Do you have special doggie needs? Check if there are special compartments in your dog travel gear for things that are separated (separate food from wipes, and dog poop bags for instance).

Dog Travel Bags-The Scoop On Dog Travel Bags

For me, dog travel bags are the perfect way to bring my dog anywhere. I also have to be concerned with other real and possible regulations when it comes to traveling with pets.

  1. Land transportation - Find out - before you get pulled over - if you have any restrictions in your city or county - same for your destination spot if it is outside your town. In some places, if your pet causes too much of a disturbance you will get pulled over and ticketed.
  2. If your Pet Travel carrier in your pickup bed area - Are they securely fastened? Is there a requirement for that? Be sure to check. For their safety it is best to secure them no matter what.
  3. Air conditioned vehicles (cabs, trains, busses) might be choosy when it comes to the types of animals they allow. Some of them do not allow any pets. Ask first about any travel rules or regulations for cabs, trains or buses. Be sure to pack plenty of dog waste bags for unplanned upset stomachs too!
  4. Aircrafts are especially strict. Most, if not all, no longer allow pets when you travel. There are certain regulations when it comes to this that you have to remember. Restrictions on Pet travel can be confusing. Check here for travel with your pet information. You'll find details specific to the airlines, different states and countries as well as critical information on carrier size restrictions and other valuable information.
  5. Make sure your pet will be warm, if they have to ride in baggage it gets freezing cold there. And make sure your pet carrier is sturdy enough so that if bags fall they won't hurt your pet.

Dog Travel Bags-The Scoop On Dog Travel Bags

I haven't left Lucy behind for trips that last up to one week in the 10 years we have had her. She only gets left behind when we take personal vacation time longer than one week and are just looking for alone time.

Aside from that, I also get these benefits:

  1. Lucy doesn't miss home, gets regular walks, is happier by being with one of us more often than morning and night.
  2. I don't have to have a mess in my car with blankets, dog toys and food since they all fit right in her dog travel bag carrier. It helps keep my car cleaner and better organized.
  3. These bags come in several designs, styles, and shapes. Given this, I don't look like the lady pushing the grocery cart when I take 'the dog' with us.
  4. Lucy gets more chances to socialize with other dogs.
  5. Because she is out more, she is a happier dog.

Puppies and Children Will grow bigger - keep size in mind!
Puppies and Children Will grow bigger - keep size in mind!

Dog Travel Bags-The Scoop On Dog Travel Bags

Bringing Lucy with me saves me cash every day, She gets regular walks in between meetings for me and when it's too hot in the car, she has a perfectly acceptable dog travel bag that I can bring her into most (if not all) offices.

She gets tucked into an unused corner and sits or lays quietly on a comfortable bed, all her own while, I work. She's even become the 'mascot' in a couple offices and is rewarded with special treats. Dog travel Bags are a reward for pets too!

Even for shorter trips in the car, she prefers her Pet Travel Bag. It gives her a 'home away from home,' where she feels safe if people walk past the car, she doesn't get as excited over their presence.

If we go for the weekend, she can stay in the car overnight in her special Dog Travel Bag-Hotel, where she has all the comforts of home.

I pack her food, dog wipes, dog toys, dog blanket and whatever else she needs. I don't have to worry that Lucy might get lost or run away, either.

Getting Lucy a dog travel bag as a puppy had me a little worried because of the expense of replacing it as she grew bigger. That turned out to be no problem at all.

I planned for her growth and got the best fit for her at maximum size. We still have her original Dog Travel Carrier from when she was six-months old.

That's the 'SCOOP" on Dog Travel Bags! I hope you enjoy yours as much as we have ours!

Pet Travel Carriers With Wheels - Most EXCELLENT!
Pet Travel Carriers With Wheels - Most EXCELLENT!

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    • mwatkins profile image

      mwatkins 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

      Hi Kowality and thank you! I'm glad you stopped by! Pets are amazing animals!

    • kowality profile image

      kowality 7 years ago from Everywhere

      What an interesting Hub. Very informative, creative and enjoyable. I like the way you bring fresh ideas to this forum.