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Doha Shopping Centres – Exclusively for Shopaholics!

Updated on March 14, 2016

From branded goods with fancy price tags to moderately priced fashionable articles to the reasonable everyday items Doha shopping has it all no matter who you are or what your taste is.

The Gulf countries have built a reputation for themselves commencing from the latter part of the twentieth century and are now well established as great places for MICE tourism. In conjunction with business trips, conferences and exhibitions al tourists make it a point to sightsee, shop and dine to experience the local lifestyles. Hence, many of the most prominent cities in the Middle Eastern peninsula have evolved into shopping hubs combining locally manufactured products and imported products on a common platform for those traveling from both near and far to make informed purchases. As a result of improvements in tourism, needless to say, many a luxury hotel Doha has also progressed and they are star class hotels that cater to those from all walks of life.


The Lagoona Mall is a stylish shopping destination that presents not only a unique experience to shoppers but also props itself as an unusual architectural design. The inside is abuzz with activity with the mall open till midnight on certain days. There is a line of entertainment events such as fashion extravaganzas, musicals and kids activities throughout the year. Versace to Salsa Jeans, Adidas to Mango and a number of opticians, jewellers, lifestyle stores, body care products, supermarkets and eateries all under one fabulous roof. In spite of its mammoth size, you cannot get lost in this mall with its state of the art touch screen mall directory to help you wander through the mall. Its value added services include valet parking and a lost and found section as it can be difficult to keep track of everything you procure.

Royal Plaza Doha

The truly regal establishment with its convenient location is a popular hangout for youngsters who come to the cinema and those who use the banquet facilities for business or personal purposes. The ornate interior houses Givenchy, Mont Blanc, Pari Gallery and a great deal of places for best buys. To keep the kids entertained while the parents shop there is a dedicated child care area. However, 'Ray's Reef', an underwater themed educational centre is the hot favourite among the children who visit as they get to meet many sea creatures and bask in the fun of the underwater world.

Salam Plaza

A few kilometers away from the Royal Plaza, is Salam Plaza which is a part of a chain of malls which are located all around the Gulf region. For cosmetics and beauty product seekers there are world renowned brands such as Calvin Klein Clinque and Dolce and Gabbana. The stylish and modern female will be drawn by the range of Michael Kors, Red Valentino and Nina Ricci while the trendy kids and teens will find Young Versace to be their ultimate destination and the frequent traveler will appreciate the range of luggage and accessories available at Delsey and Samsonite.

Souqs and Bazaars

The famous souqs of the Middle East are still in operation in Doha as well. These are mostly patronized when fresh produce, handicrafts and souvenirs are required. However, there are plenty of souqs which specialize in what they sell such as the Souq Al Asiery where you will find fine fabrics and cloth along with luggage items, the Gold Souq and Heritage Village trade in pearls, jewellery, gold bars, white gold and platinum. The QatART Handmade Market is the flagship bazaar for local handicraft and art which has gained much recognition in the recent past. Souq Al Jabor is one of the best places to get great deals on clothing items which encompass kids wear, gents wear, lingerie and ladies clothing. The styles are contemporary, quality is acceptable and the prices are what make them worth writing about. Most of these souqs and bazaars are housed on either side of a street or in humble buildings in modest neighbourhoods.

Many of these shopping malls are located a short distance away from each other and most of them are clustered close to areas that are within proximity of the beach since many hotels can be found in the area. The touristic experience in Doha is unmatched as some of the prime properties such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara are placed on tiny secluded islands which are easily accessible from the shoreline.


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