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Experience Dominican Republic Punta Cana

Updated on August 29, 2017
My husband with birds
My husband with birds | Source
 "The Honeymoon Suite" Our living room which is part of the room. Exact duplicate of my picture had use a better focused one.
"The Honeymoon Suite" Our living room which is part of the room. Exact duplicate of my picture had use a better focused one. | Source

Bedroom Side of Room

This is our bedroom.  Just Perfect!
This is our bedroom. Just Perfect! | Source

Map of Property

Resort lay out of property
Resort lay out of property | Source

Experience A Great Vacation

I have visited the Dominican Republic only twice. I have stayed within the resort perimeter only by choice and have not visited the city. Both times it was in Punta Cana. Both times were magnificent. The first time I visited with a friend and I had a ball, something I haven’t experienced in a long time. At that time the resort was called Occidental. During my second trip I had the pleasure to go with my husband and I wanted to go back to the resort that I was familiar with because this was the first time he flew on an airline and visited another country. I wanted everything to be perfect and I needed everything to be in close proximity to all the events on the property. So in searching for the resort that was called Occidental in Punta Cana eluded me because they changed the name and remodeled. Another reason I chose to go back to the same resort for a number of reasons. I knew the property layout and helped with physical limitations, an all inclusive trip, no infestation of bugs, very easy getting in and out and the fact that it was a wonderful experience that I would never forget. From the plants, food, people, nightlife, games and the living quarters everything was perfect and even indescribable at times.

While still trying to find Occidental, I had already booked at another resort for the dates we wanted. After we had taken all of the features and benefits in consideration, we booked the best room that we could find at this one particular resort, I wasn’t at ease with it from picking up on the information I was getting from the travel agents, information on line and the fact that I had my heart set on Occidental. Working with the travel agent I inquired about the Occidental resort because I couldn’t believe it disappeared from the Island. Since it was 2006 when I visited Punta Cana changes was expected. The travel agent could not tell me anything about that resort. So I started pulling up maps of the resorts and looking at pictures. I found a resort that looked very similar to Occidental and called them with no luck. I was already booked at another resort but having the insurance that was offered allowed me to cancel and re-book without paying extra. We not only re-booked because of the better resort it so happened that we were still in the middle of remodeling and my husband never flew before said, “Hun I do not think we should fly at this time, because what we were going through.” We laughed. So when I switched reservations and dates not only was I thrilled I had more time to search for this property. We even had money left over after re-booking and we were able to go honeymoon style . So I made sure we had door to door transportation in the U.S and in the D.R we had private transportation to the resort.

After looking at the interactive map at Dreams Resort and Spa we decided to go with Dreams Palm Beach. Dreams Resort and Spa has about 6 different properties. Unbeknownst to me when we arrived on the island I said to my husband, “Hun, this has to be Occidental.” The entrance and the spa was in the same place. This was so unbelievable to me but a couple of days later it was confirmed. The Dreams Palm Beach was it! We had landed on the most beautiful and amazing place that I dream of visiting again! This was divine intervention because of reasons we had to re-book the trip and wanting it to be the smoothest and heavenly trip with my wonderful husband.

For one the resort was smaller and just what we wanted. We were able to walk from one side of the resort to the other side in minutes, participate in most all the events without exhausting ourselves, take advantage of room service and even stay in one day or night. All the features that they had were all we needed. Optional Restaurants on the premises, Nightly Shows, Adventure Excursions and the casino and club was close as well as the spa. I didn’t need to pay for multiple tennis court, ten pools and three basketball courts because that’s not what we were interested in doing and again needed the proximity on our vacation this time.

Some features that I suggest and are must-haves is the Jacuzzi/hot tub, good food and spa services, hey that's on all vacations. Our room was located in the Preferred Club with balcony on the garden side and we were treated as Preferred Club VIP clients. So if you are going to a resort, you do get what you pay for. If you are going to a resort looking to have the same teaspoons that you are use to at home then bring your own. Every country has a difference in style and presentation. If you are going on vacation and you want an out of sight luxurious room with no broken tile then to be on the safe side spend a little extra using the internet for reviews and info on that location. The pictures that are shown for resorts should be the actually room when you arrive. Research goes a long way, when looking into having a beautiful stay. At Dreams resort you will have complaints about reef piling on the beach and sometimes you can find spots that do not have reef. They do comb the beach and maintain the property very well.

It is possible to have the time of your life by identifying what your needs, wants and must- haves are prior to booking your trip. Although, we booked through an online travel agency (which means no human contact only in the case we had to cancel, use our insurance and re-book), we preferred to do research and not leaving it all up to the travel agency. Go to the resort website directly for more information or email them with special requests. The hosts, bartenders, servers, chef, entertainers and guests’ acts were over the top and amazing. Personally knowing the cons can really help, but avoiding them can be achieved. You can get information on the pros and cons from many sites. Reviewing travel tips, NOAA maps, calling the resort from the U.S. and reviewing the Health alerts pertaining to the areas latest update for viruses and diseases should be done frequently up until the departure date.

This was one of my clues.

Trying to find my favorite vacation spot in Punta Cana I had pictures and maps only to go on. This picture is just one of many that will cover this luxury resort.


Night Life in Punta Cana at Dreams Palm Beach

There is something for everyone. From Dancing to dining on the beach at sundown, musicals to playing bingo for prizes. This water fountain is steps from the main dining area and closest to the outdoor event gathering where music is played outside on a mystical night.


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    • Jay Rodriguez profile image

      Virtual Dispatch 2 months ago from NY

      I agreed the Dominican Republic is definitely one of the nicest country's in the Caribbean and the best place to visit os Punta Cana