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Double Decker Bus Tour: A Great Way to See Washington, D.C. After Dark

Updated on November 20, 2010

Are you taking a trip to Washington, D.C. in the near future? While there is certainly no shortage of activities to enjoy when you have an opportunity to visit the nation’s capital, there’s one thing that you absolutely must find time for in your itinerary.

No matter what else you do during your stay in the District of Columbia, you simply must take the time to see the sights of the city at night from the top deck of an open-air double decker bus. You won’t be sorry that you took the time to fit this tour into your schedule!

Washington, D.C. Tour Options

There are a number of tour companies in Washington D.C., each offering a variety of routes through the city and surrounding areas as well as different modes of transportation. I’ve taken a number of tours in the District of Columbia over the years, including a monument and memorial tour on a luxury motor coach, a trip through the city and into the Potomac on a “D.C. Duck,” which is a really cool amphibious vehicle that can travel over land and by water, and -- most recently, an evening tour atop an open air double decker bus.

Open Air Double Decker Bus Tour of D.C.

While I have enjoyed every tour I’ve taken of Washington, D.C., though, I have to say that my whirlwind evening tour of some of the most popular sights on the top of an open-air double decker bus is by far my favorite. The monuments of Washington are beautiful at any time of day, but there’s just something really special about being able to view them clearly during the evening hours.

That’s what an open air evening double decker bus tour is perfect for! The birds’ eye view from the top of the bus, unencumbered by windows and a roof is just breathtaking. If you’re traveling with people who prefer not to feel the wind in their hair, by the way, some members of your party can choose to sit on the enclosed bottom deck of the bus. This is one reason that a double decker bus tour is a perfect solution for just about everyone.


Choose the Right Open Air Bus Tour

There are several different tour companies in Washington, D.C. that operate double decker bus tours. Some tours are as short as one hour, which is the option that I chose, while others last up to three hours. With some companies, if you purchase tickets for a daytime tour you can enjoy the evening trip at no additional charge. There are many options available, with options varying by season and day of the week.

A great way to find out what’s available is to visit Union Station, which is a point of departure for many of the available tours. The tour companies based at the historic train station have information and reservation kiosks set up just inside the main entrance. You can check schedules, book your tickets, and leave from the facility. While you’re at Union Station you can shop in the many available stores and enjoy a meal t one of the on-site restaurants or food court eateries.


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    Jalus 7 years ago

    This sounds like a great idea, I never really thought of taking a tour like this but now I see it would probably be very enjoyable. Thanks