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Dream Vacation or Trip

Updated on March 21, 2012

Do you ever dream about a place that you really want to go see but you don't have the money to go? There are so many places the people have heard of but haven't been able to go to because they don't have the money to go over and enjoy a week or two. Most of the time those places are out of the United States, such as Paris, London, Acapulco, or even the Caribbean Islands or maybe even the Bahamas.

There are several places that I would like to go see. One of the places that I would really like to go to is Paris. It is such a beautiful place to visit, all the sites that there is around there to see. Who doesn't like to walk around the streets of Paris with a group of friends or even that special someone. One of the places that I would like to visit is the Eiffel Tower because it is such a beautiful site and it is the main landmark for Paris. Another place I would like to see there is the Notre Dame de Paris, I would watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame and it kind of really got my interest on wanting to see how the place looked. I would also like to visit the Arc de Triomphe, it is known as the biggest triumphal arc in the world. Who wouldn't want to go see this place and the other places that I have mentioned? If you have been there before what places did you find interesting?

Another place that I would like to visit is the Caribbean Islands, it is such a wonderful springy place to visit. Can you see yourself walking down the beach over there enjoying the sun, letting your hair sway as the light wind is blowing it back? I can see that happening as I am writing it right now. Of course there are many other places to visit, such as, the tropical forests and the exotic animals that you can see over in that island. This is a great place to visit either with family, or with your friends or even your spouse. This place will help you relax and it will be worth your money when you are able to afford it.

Those to me are the two main places I would like to go visit either with my family or with that special someone who I will someday meet. Of course, there is the one thing that we have to think of and that is the money and all the costs that it brings. Another thing is the idea of needing a passport and that is something worth getting.

Do you have a place you would like to visit? What makes you want to go visit that place? I have read some hubs that talk about some nice destinations and some of those places really make me want to go one of these days.


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      You are welcome, I feel like going to but right now I can only think of it.

    • nadelma profile image

      nadelma 5 years ago from Bushkill, Pa

      I am ready to pack and go right now. Thanks for the hub.