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Dreaming of Disney: A Series of Articles to Help Fulfill Your Dreams! Part II

Updated on June 30, 2012


Disneyland, oh Disneyland! What an amazing place! This article, as promised, is a continuation of ideas that will help you in realizing your dreams of Disney. These vacation and travel tips will guide you in making smart choices whether you choose Disneyland or any other wonderful place you can visit in our beautiful Golden State!

Obviously, saving money for the trip is the first step in achieving the goal. Important things like clipping coupons for groceries is one of the smartest things you can do to put money in your pocket for all the fun you are looking forward to. Clipping coupons is not always a fun thing to do, trust me, because I am one of those people that used to believe if you took coupons to the store, you were looked upon as being poor...I now say, "Pitooey!" (The Snoopy lover in my occasionally comes forth!)

Another really wise thing to consider for those of you who are in desperate financial straights: Look into a debt management plan. Those companies can not only help you lower your monthly payments, they can get your creditors to bring your accounts current, lower your interest rates and get you out of debt in 3-7 years, rather than the 21-25 years it literally takes Americans when they are only able to pay the minimum payments on their debts. I know this information from my past experience as a Credit Counselor for four years! Knowing you can get relief in dealing with money worries is one of the best stress-busters there is! Check out these websites for some choices in debt management companies:

Okay, let's talk about how to get discounts on plane tickets, rental cars, hotels and package discounts for, let's say - Disneyland, for example!

You can sometimes get discounts if you have AAA insurance on your vehicles. If you are in the age bracket this author is graced to be a part of, AARP also allows discounts sometimes for packages and travel deals.

Another way you can get discounts: go to the website itself for the place you want to visit, again, Disneyland, for example!:

Click on the "Tickets and Packages" tab for discounts.

For discounts on plane tickets, rental cars and hotels, you can either choose to go to individual websites for each choice you make or you can go to several different websites that can give you figures for the car, the hotel, the plane ticket, They can give you a "bundle" discount, as I like to call them (where you rent a car, get the hotel and the plane flight all together to get the discount):

Now, for the another of the most valuable pieces of information you will need in order to have a smooth time - let's talk about travel tips:

First, make sure you have different types of clothing, based on what the weather will be like in the place you are going to visit. If it's California in the summer, for example, make sure you bring lots of sun block. Bring hats for everyone to wear when most of your day is spent outside (or buy them as souvenirs, if you like.)

Make sure you bring water for everyone. Use backpacks if you need to for carrying the water. Decide if you want to take snacks in the backpack or if you want to buy them inside the park or tourist spot - that's fine, too.

Having spare change is a good idea, for things like emergency phone calls (if you don't have a cell phone.)

If you are driving to your destination, a real good thing to be aware of is the cost of gas, since it varies from place to place. There is a website called, "" It's a great place to find cheaper gas in the areas you travel. Here's the link:

For those families who have little children, making sure they have books, toys, or snacks for the plane or the car trip is a really wise idea. Kids, as we all know, have got to have things to be entertained so that neither the parents nor the babies drive each other crazy!

If anyone in your group needs medication on a regular basis, make sure you remember to bring it! It would definitely be devastating if something happened to that special person because the medicine was left behind!

Being with someone who wants to have detailed, planned-out trips might cause you to want to have maps - maps for the trip to get to the destination (if you are driving) and maps for the park or the city itself. For those of you who can't read maps well, having a strong sense of patience between the map reader and the driver is a very important ingredient in having a peaceful vacation.

The above information are just a few of the topics you may want to consider during the planning phase of your vacation. There are many more topics to think about, but each of those are based on the individual people and places involved.

Keep an eye out for the next article in this series: The Do's and Don'ts of Your Disneyland Experience.


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