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Dreaming of Disney: A Series of Articles to Help Fulfill Your Dreams! Part III

Updated on April 16, 2013

Thanks for coming back! This is an article that continues in my series of preparing for your Disneyland vacation: the "Do's and Don'ts of Disneyland." Some of these suggestions might have already been mentioned in my previous article, but that's okay! So, here we go:

The "DO List" for visiting Disneyland:

**DO make sure you take a disposable and/or waterproof camera for those awesome pictures when you are on the water rides (like the Grizzly River Run). Pictures covered in water drops sort of prohibit you seeing the main reason you took the picture in the first place!

**DO make sure you get that map I spoke of in my previous article so you can find your way around the park a lot easier. It helps navigating in, out, and around those thousands of people all trying to find their way around the park!

**DO check out the fireworks! They are awesome, what with their surround sound music, laser lights and amazing, mult-colored explosions.

**DO expect lots of people, everywhere you go, since Disneyland is one of the most famous places in the world to visit. If you are claustraphobic, just remind yourself that most of the time, you will be outside in the fresh air. If you are inside a building, keep in mind, you can choose to leave it! If you are in line for a ride inside a building, just keep saying, "Breathe! Breathe! I will be out of here soon enough! I just wanna have fun, I can do this!"

**DO consider wearing the same color shirt that everyone else in your group is wearing. It makes it easier to find each other amidst the swarm of humanity around you.

**DO have patience with other people when you realize standing in line for ninety minutes for a two minute ride is well-worth the wait, since you never get this much fun out in the "real world!"

**DO make sure that the number of children you brought with you don't outnumber the amount of adults you have in your group! You will be devastated if you forget to count all those children before each ride and then find out later that you left "child #4" back at the main entrance bathroom over two hours ago!

**DO bring in your own sandwiches packed in one of those soft-sided, insulated lunch bags if you are not wanting to spend your entire vacation money on those expensive meals they have in the park. Just realize you can't bring in your own sandwich fixings (like the mayo and mustard separately) because the gatekeepers will direct you to a lunch area outside the park first! Don't bring in leftovers from a restaurant you ate at last night, either. You'll get the same result as my last sentence!

**DO consider getting a Fast Pass so that you will be able to ride two rides in the same amount of time you would spend getting on one ride without the pass!

**DO get to the park early if you already bought your tickets ahead of time. They open the park half an hour before the main starting time. This way, you get to enjoy thirty minutes of fun without those swarms of humanity all over the place!

**DO bring your own cheap umbrella stroller for the little ones. It's way easier than standing in another long line, waiting to rent one.


And now, the "Don't List" for visiting Disneyland:

**DON'T forget to take as many sit down breaks as you need. Especially with younger kids. Try to find a shady place. Or at least one by a water ride so you can stand in line and get wet after taking that much-needed break.

**DON'T be impatient with your children or those in your group. It's a bit stressful for everyone having to wait in line to do something fun, but it's really annoying to others in line to watch you get angry when you are actually at "The Happiest Place on Earth"!

**DON'T think you can see and experience everything in the park in one day. Plan ahead, by either going online to pick out the things you want to visit for SURE, or consider checking out the book called, "The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2011 by Bob Sehlinger" since it give you tips and ideas for everything Disney.

**DON'T forget that sometimes, it might be easier for everyone (parents and children) if they each had their own fanny pack with drinks and snacks in it. That way, poor Mom isn't burdened with holding coats, hats, souvenirs, snacks, the diaper bag and her purse all by herself!

**DON'T forget that they have lockers there that you can use to hold all those souvenirs so Mom isn't burdened to begin with!

**DON'T be impulsive when it comes to where you will stay overnight, once you get there. Check online for hotels in the Anaheim area and they discounts they may offer, based on the season or whether or not you have AAA or AARP.

**DON'T forget the motion-sickness medication for those of you who are scared of heights or nerve-wracking rollercoasters!

Of course, the fun part follows in the next article when you get to read all about "California Adventure!" Stayed tuned!


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