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Dreaming of Disney: A Series of Articles to Help Fulfill Your Dreams! Part V

Updated on October 18, 2011

Ahh, my friends, it's been quite the excitement! I dream of Disney a lot and can't wait to go back there! So, alas, we are down to the final article I promised in the series: Finding Anaheim attractions to add to your Disneyland Dream. Here we go!:

I would give anything to be a child again! So much fun and innocence! No worries, no concerns, no bills to pay and to have a "world" all for children would be one of the greatest gifts a kid could wish for! Well, wish no more! An amazing kids' world truly exists, real close to Disneyland, believe it or not! It's called Adventure City and everything thing there is "kid-sized!" The rides, the fun, the food, and the park itself are all small enough to fully entertain kids for just the right amount of time. You can get through all the rides within ninety minutes or so. Kids three-to-seven years old will think they walked into heaven on earth and will be duly tired out by the time you've had a blast throughout the entire park!

Let's point out some of the rides that will thrill the kids to pieces, shall we? Yep, we shall:

One of the coolest rides there is a roller coaster named the Tree Top Racers. They actually bought the coaster from a company in Australia and refurbished it. The ride is a classic 1950's era coaster! How cool is that?!!

The next in line for the coolness factor is the 1946 classic Carousel. Gotta love the vintage rides, eh?

If your little guys and girls think of becoming protectors of the public when they grow up, the awesoem Rescue 911 will make them smile from ear to ear! It's an experience of miniature-sized

fire trucks, police cars and ambulances that allow them to feel as if they are already living the career of their dreams! The vehicles go along a track, so they can't ever run off the road! Whew, thank goodness for that!

Balloon lovers will have a blast on the spinning Balloon Race ride. And for those who love adrenaline rushes (ok, I am not sure if 3-year-olds are into feeling their hearts in their throats, but ya never know), the Drop Zone is a thrill-a-second as it speeds to the ground from a tower.

Those who love ferris wheels will have a great time on the Giggle Wheel, a mini-version that even adults can ride!

Attractions Galore!

The Petting Farm, Children's Theater (including live shows and puppet shows), the Arcade and Mount Adventurous (a children's rock climbing tower), will keep the kids not only involved with their imaginations but their hands and feet as well!

There's more to experience in Adventure City but I don't want to give away all the excitement! If you wanna know, you gotta go! Here is the link so you can be even more enticed!:

Now, for those who have kids that are a little older with a longer attention span, here are some more Anaheim adventures to visit:

If you love the thought of living in the medieval times (the 11th Century, to be exact), check out the Medieval Times Dinner Theater! There's a castle! There's jousting, there's a Museum of Torture! Royal trumpeters, King Phillipe and Princess Lenora will bring you splendor to your surroundings! You get a four-course dinner and the festivities include the Tournament of Games. There's a ring pierce, javelin throw and a flag toss. After the 2-hour event concludes, you get to mingle with the cast and get autographs.

Here is the link for more info on this attraction:

A list of even more fun in the Anaheim area for your pleasure:

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Knott's Berry Farm

Universal Studios

Pirate's Dinner Adventure

Catalina Express

SO many fun and exciting things to do in such a small area of our country! That's California for you! It's definitely the "Golden State!" I hope that if you choose to go to any of these amazing places, you will have the time of your LIFE! Thanks for reading and have a GREAT vacation!


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