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Driving Interstate Highway 35

Updated on August 21, 2013

Interstate Highway 35

Driving Between Dallas and Austin

We were in the big city of Dallas for a week helping my daughter move into her new place. My husband returned home several days before me. As my visit ended, I began to dread the drive home. The distance is not that long, but IH35 traffic is a challenge.

Interstate Highway 35 is a heavily traveled freeway that runs up the center of the United States, from Mexico to the northern state of Minnesota. Truck and car traffic is always heavy, even during the week or late at night. Just before a popular football game or Friday evenings before a weekend or a Holiday are usually bumper to bumper traffic times.

Traffic through Austin on 35 has been so bad that a new Toll Road was built around the city. You will see it marked as 130. It runs from Georgetown to Buda on the East side of IH 35. This bypass is gaining popularity as the traffic continues to grow.

I braced myself for the drive and planned to stop when I needed a break. Getting out of Dallas was my first challenge, but the Toll Road I used was a good means of escape. The minute I hit IH35, things changed. Traffic crawled along at a snail's pace for at least ten minutes. Did I mention that it was only 2:30 in the afternoon?

As I approached South Dallas, the traffic began to move at a better pace. We were traveling at the speed limit. My thoughts centered on getting home!

Dangerous Traveling

Running With The Trucks

Traveling down the road at the posted speed limit is not always polite. Between towns, most of the cars drive between 75 and 80 miles per hour. If you are going the speed limit on these stretches of road, move over to the right lanes so others can proceed!

The wear and tear on the roads from the high volume of traffic is evident. There are always stretches of road where construction is in progress. Many areas are expanding the lanes and widening the road. This means that the traffic is temporarily reduced to two lanes and slower speeds are required. I am always amazed at the amount of road construction between Dallas and Austin.

The greatest challenges of driving this road are the amount of cars on the road and the number of trucks a driver must contend with. I understand that a new law has been passed in Texas and some other States where trucks can only use the middle and right lanes on three lane highways. The inner lane is for cars only. This helps the automobile driver reach their destination in a more timely manner without truck traffic.

Trucks on the highway are not fun to drive with! They continually pass one another on the road at a snail's pace. If you are behind a passing truck, it will slow you down. How fast can an eighteen wheeler pass another eighteen wheeler and be safe? They seem to have a secret competition amongst themselves. Maybe that is how they stay awake?

Home At Last

I arrived home safely, but road weary. Too many bumpy roads and too many trucks can make a girl tired. Glad to get off the road, I pulled into the garage and smiled with relief!

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