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Driving for fun

Updated on April 5, 2011

Driving for fun

 I would say the most exciting thing I like to do with my son and my family when I have a day off or on the weekend is to drive in my car with a planned destination. I find taking drives are relaxing and a way to enjoy time with my family. For those trips that are within a reasonable driving distance then the car is the most sensible choice. Sometimes it's nice to do a combined driving and biking trip on one of those New England drive and bike tours which we love to in the fall when the weather gets cooler.

Driving in Long Island offers a lot of choices and there are so many roads to choose from and I find there is a lot of diversity when you see the landscape. For many I believe one of the most popular destinations that gives you the opportunity to see the changing landscape is Montauk Point. If you were to drive from Manhattan after spending time in the big city and walking down the crowded avenues and admiring the skyline and taking in a Broadway show it would be a nice change of pace to head out to the Hampton's and then explore the island further east and drive to the end which is Montauk point on the South fork. If you drove from the big city to Montauk it would be approximately a 3 hour drive depending on traffic and approximately 130 miles in distance. I have travelled in both directions and find the drive out east to be a dramatic change from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and I prefer the quieter and tranquil landscape of eastern long island. There are a wide array of wineries and farms that line route 25 and 27 along the way which amazes me every time I drive with my family. We usually drive once in the summertime and once in the fall. Summertime on Long Island is a wonderful time as we love to take in the beaches and state parks.

As you drive further east you see the lifestyle changes and it is like you are in the countryside. Montauk is quite different from big city life and for me that is a great experience to have the taste of both. Montauk is wonderful for spending a long weekend and spending time in a bed and breakfast and enjoying the beach and a visit to the light house. There are also fun biking trails that take you out to Montauk that are worth consideration if you are into biking and practice the rules of safety on the roads.

The beaches I am most familiar with on Long island are Jones Beach and Robert Moses Beach where we spend a lot of our time. The beach in Montauk that we visit when we spend a day out there is also a nice escape from the heat.

Life in Long Island is worth experiencing whether you are a long islander or a visitor and it will leave you with many pleasant memories. There are other methods of transportation which are very convenient and worth consideration. If you don't drive then you can get access to eastern long island from Penn station by train on the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road). You can also get bus transportation which is available in many locations and is very convenient and usually runs on timely schedules.

Aside from driving on Long Island I love to take my family when we have the available time usually on a family vacation to Virginia. We usually drive down to Virginia at the end of the summer before Matty's school year starts and we spend a full week between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. It is a wonderful place to visit and it is great for families. We have a great time every time we go down there. We usually drive through New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia and we drive I-95S to I-64E which is the longer route and takes about 8.5 hours. We also take US 13 and drive through New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and the highlight of the drive is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which is one of the most amazing bridge and tunnel drives you will experience and it is certainly worth the visit. We even stop to eat at the Sea Gull restaurant and gift shop at the pier along the route of the bridge and tunnel drive. Stopping at the pier is also a must and I suggest you take a video and digital camera for the drive and visit.

These are some of the memorable drives we enjoy and there are so many destinations I can talk about and eventually will in another hub. I also suggest another fun family vacation destination on the east coast as Hershey Park, Pennsylvania where we like to visit. We all love chocolate and family fun and Hershey is the place to go.

There are so many places to go by car whether you plan a day trip or a week vacation with your family that are reasonable and worth the visit and we are always looking for exciting destinations on our day trips and planned family vacation trips.

After all it is for the pleasure and enjoyment of my son and family. When he is happy I am happy.

Edward D. Iannielli III




Driving to Robert Moses Beach 7/3/10

Driving to Robert Moses Beach 2

Finally at the beach!

Driving from Robert Moses Beach to Oakdale

Driving home from Oakdale after dinner and the beach

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel drive


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