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Travel Scenic California - Where to Drive and What to See

Updated on July 7, 2012

Travel Scenic California - Where to Drive and What to See

We have all had memorable trips and many of mine are of driving through scenic California. So Where is the best place to drive? There is something about California's beautiful and scenic country side. The scenery is absolutely incredible and the scent of the fragrant flowers takes my breath away, literally. Here we have an enjoyable family outing, cruising along one of California's many beautiful highways when suddenly a burst of the California Wild Rose Bud breaks the air and fills our senses with the aroma that is all too distinguishable, yet we try to catagorize it into a certain blend we have experienced before.

When I think of a drive in scenic California, my attention always draws towards a site seeing tour through Palm Springs all the way down to San Diego, with me driving of course. You'll never witness more beautiful scenery, all the mountains, deserts and ocean front beaches in one state. And the desert is not your typical desert either. Palm Springs and its Coachella Valley neighbors have some of the lushest surroundings you'll ever see. There is shopping galore, from the trendiest street shopping to posh boutiques and from the best deal on designer merchandise to the best designers for those who truly want the upper class look.

Here you'll also find a golfer's paradise ten times over and tennis racquet clubs every where you look. Swimming pools and hot tubs seem to line the streets and for those who want real adventure, hiking trails of every kind are in abundance. You can hike through desert trails and mountain terraine always on the lookout for the infamous California Wild Rose Bud. And for a treat you can go up the Aerial Tramway and look down upon the desert cities beauty.

There are no shortages of places to stay in Palm Springs, economy lodges to luxury condos and private homes are waiting for your presence. We try a new place every time we visit and we are never dissapointed. Private home rentals are great if you like a private pool, or you can stay at any number of condos which generally have numerous shared pools per complex. If you prefer a securred condo or home, there are countless properties within gated communities.

There is a lot of hollywood history in Palm Springs and the surrounding Coachella Valley area. Many of Hollywoods stars of the past and present had or have luxury properties in these beautiful desert communities. Stars like Bob Hope, Dina Shore, Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, well the lists goes on and on, they all lived in the Palm Springs area. Even past presidents of the United States have enjoyed life in the desert. This is definitely a great place to vacation no matter who you are, you will have a great time in Palm Springs California.

Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley in Pictures

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