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Driving to the Highest Paved Road, Mt Evans CO

Updated on July 16, 2010
Colorado Mountains
Colorado Mountains

My wife and I recently moved to Colorado for our military move and although it was not our first choice we are definitely glad to be here for the next couple of years. There are so many things to do and see that we do not think we will have enough time to do and see everything we want during our time here.

On our first trip we decided to visit Mt Evans CO. We were excited to drive on the highest paved road in the United States. We knew it would be a fun trip because of the wildlife and the scenic drive we had ahead.

We left Aurora Co on our way to MT Evans. It was about one hour and a half away and we weren't disappointed.

Lake on the way to Mt Evans Co
Lake on the way to Mt Evans Co

We left I-70 and started on our way to Mt Evans on a two lane highway up to the mountain. After a few miles we came up to a nice lake where people stop to relax and fish. It was crowded since it was the middle of June. It is a nice lake surrounded by trees. The right spot to get away from the city.

Road narrows up to the mountain
Road narrows up to the mountain

As we drove up to Mt Evans the road became very narrow compared to the beginning. There were less trees and very steep falls. I was driving very careful and slowly since I had never driven in such a narrow highway. It was scary but very exciting to see such beautiful scene from this road, it truly makes you forget about the city and crowded places back home.

Mountain Goats up in the mountain
Mountain Goats up in the mountain

We read that we might be able to see mountain goats on our way to Mt Evans. We never imagined we would be able to see them up close. We only had a few miles to reach the summit when we noticed cars parked on the side of the road. I decided to park my car and find out what was going on. My wife and i stepped out of the car and we were able to see these mountain goats just standing at the edge of this cliff. They were not even bothered by the presence of people. It truly is an experience to see such wildlife in their natural habitat compared to a zoo or on TV. It was a memorable experience.

We finally reached the end of the road at more than 14000 feet in elevation. We weren't ready for what was about to happen once we got out of the car. We were out of oxygen and we were very tired after a few steps. It was very hard to walk around and enjoy the scenery for the first few minutes. We finally got sort of used to the lack of oxygen after several minutes, we still had to rest and stop frequently to catch our breath but it was well worth it. The view from Mt Evans was absolutely breathtaking, literally i should say.

We left Mt Evans Co very satisfied and knowing that there lots of more exciting places to visit and things to do in Colorado.

We will definitely go back to Mt Evans hopefully better adapted to the elevation ready to take on the views and wildlife it has to offer.


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    • beachbumaxp profile image

      beachbumaxp 5 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Those pictures are amazing! I love the one of the Mountain Goat leaping in action. I actually just did this drive on Sunday and hiked Mt. Evans. I also finished writing a hub about my experience, which led me to read this one. You should check it out! Again, magnificent photos!