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Dubai Miracle Garden – World’s Best Garden

Updated on April 23, 2015

The Dubai Miracle Garden is undoubtedly an addition to the city’s open-air spaces as well as a great place for families for all ages, whether you’re seven or seventy.

It is the most attractive and largest garden of the world, located in Dubailand near Arabian Ranches, opened on Valentine’s Day in year 2013. This garden contains over forty-five million flowers over a 72,000 sq meter site, made possible through thoughtful reuse of water by drip irrigation. The beautiful garden is developed by Akar Landscaping and Agriculture Co, who has also developed Al Ain Paradise near the Oman border. This is a beautiful garden as well consists of ten million flowers in the area equivalent to four football fields.

Miracle Garden is exceptional in the world because of such a distinctive display. So many visitors have named it as a “little piece of Eden” on earth. The garden has record in Guinness World Record for having the longest flower wall with a 1km circumference.


The First Phase includes :

  • Flower Arch Pathway
  • Flower Hearts Pathway
  • Umbrella Pathway
  • Flowers Tents
  • Mushroom Village
  • Ferrari Area
  • Happy Birthday Zone
  • Lilium Flowers Lamps
  • Cars Zone
  • Flowers Fall area, river
  • Gazebo Zone
  • The Falcon
  • Flowers Boats
  • 3D Art Flower Design
  • Lake and Fountain
  • Animals Zone
  • Burj Khalifa of eighteen meters height built with flowers
  • Path walk tunnel shaded by hanging flower baskets adding a Romantic vibe to the Garden.
  • Food and beverage shops

First Phase

In its first phase garden is providing modern services and conveniences which include VIP parking, open parking, prayer room, security room, first aid room, sitting room, toilet facility, ablution facility, carts for handicapped visitors, retails and commercial kiosk and all other allied services offered to help visitors.

There are more than forty-five million eye catching flowers of forty-five diverse varieties. They are in dazzling designs and structures. These blooming flowers are beautifully decked in shape of stars, heart, circles, igloos, arc shaped pathways, colorful style layers and flower decorated vintage cars.


Second Phase

The second phase will have more new designs and colors, this phase will include:

International Garden:

There will be sculptures from UAE and other countries as well, made completely from real flowers. Visitors can stroll around and have some memorable shops.

Aromatic Garden:

In this zone there will be most aromatic and medicinal plants from around the world, over 200 countries. People can touch, smell and make their own cup of tea, fresh from the garden. There will be seating areas and service counters to provide cups and seats to them.

Butterfly Garden:

This is a dazzling round shaped garden decorated with flowers and designed in 3d. The area is total of around 1,800 square meters which is enough for 300 persons per visit. It consists of 9 domes where each dome will be filled with different colors, sizes and species of lovely butterflies. There will be an alluring butterfly museum and beautiful butterfly flower park.

Floral Clock:

A huge flower clock which would be around 15 meters in diameter, made out of real plants and flowers with unfixed design for every season (twice a year).

Children's Play Area:

This is the area for your kids, with new ideas of games, playing equipments based on physical healthy activities. It will be safe and secure definitely, suitable for diverse ages from 4 to 14 years old. There will be a small stage for magic and illusion show.

Souvenir Shop:

There is a souvenir shop for you, which is selling a variety of butterfly related products with the butterfly garden logo to make your visit memorable.

The miracle garden will affix beauty and life to the garden by the addition of new flowers, plants and butterflies of diverse colors.

A markerAl Barsha South 3, Barsha , Dubailand Area - إمارة دبيّ - United Arab Emirates -
Al Barsha South - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Miracle Garden, Dubai

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