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Dumaguete, Apo Island, and Siquijor in Four Days

Updated on April 22, 2013

Day 1: Dumaguete City Tour

View from the plane
View from the plane | Source
The different cakes on sale at Sans Rival
The different cakes on sale at Sans Rival | Source
The monument of Sisters of St Paul of Chartres
The monument of Sisters of St Paul of Chartres | Source
Sea Cow fossil at Siliman Marine Institute
Sea Cow fossil at Siliman Marine Institute | Source
Siliman University Hall
Siliman University Hall | Source
 St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral Bell Tower (Campanario de Dumaguete)
St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral Bell Tower (Campanario de Dumaguete) | Source

Three Beautiful Sights in Four Days

The plane was hovering over the amazing waters of Dumaguete. I cannot help but take dozen of shots.

The SIbulan Airport in Dumaguete is approximately two hours away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.


Our itinerary for the day was a city tour around Dumaguete followed by a trip to Apo Island.

Dumaguete City Tour

I. Sans Rival Cakes

We were picked up by the van of Liberty Lodge, our chosen place in Apo Island. Since the boat to the island would arrive late, we asked to be dropped off for lunch at Sans Rival Cakes which is rated in Trip Advisor as the number one restaurant in Dumaguete. The prices of the food were affordable and we loved the Sansrival and Sylvanna

Trip Tip:

Sans Rival Cake Address: Number 3, San Jose Street, Dumaguete City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. There is also a branch in Robinsons Mall. Contact Numbers: 225-4440 and 4229482. Sylvannas must be ordered in advance for take home.

II.Rizal Boulevard

From Sans Rival, we walked to Rizal Boulevard. We took some pictures at the monument of the Sisters of St Paul of Chartres. In 1904 the sisters helped in educating the children of Negros.

III. Siliman Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences

This was my favorite part of the city tour of Dumaguete. Some of the things that can be seen there were artificial reefs, a giant clam tank, a whalebone museum which had on display a Bryde's Whale Skull and different big fish bones from all over the Philippines, giant clam fossils, and tanks which had different types of fish such as that of the Lapu-lapu or grouper tank with really huge groupers. On our way out we also saw a small museum housing a Dugong or Sea Cow fossil, stuffed leather back, olive, and green turtle, and a sperm whale fetus. The place had a lot of potential, unfortunately some parts of it were not well maintained like the storage of the marine bones and the small museum.

Trip Tip:

Entrance fee at Siliman Marine Institute is 25P. Tricycle to Siliman Marine Lab is 100P for a special trip from Rizal Boulevard. This includes a bit of a tour on the way back since the rest of the places can be passed along the way. We were dropped off at the Jeepney station going to Truno's for our ride to Apo Island.

IV. Siliman University

One of the places we passed by on our way to the Jeepney station to Trunos is Siliman University for a quick photo. The Siliman University Library is a three story building which houses a Filipiniana Collection. There was also the Siliman University Hall which was built in 1903 and is the oldest American designed building.

V. St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral Bell Tower

The Belfry was built by then Parish Priest Don Jose Manuel Fernandez in 1760 to discourage moros from robbing the town.

Fisherman by the fine gray sand of Dumaguete's Bay
Fisherman by the fine gray sand of Dumaguete's Bay | Source

Day 2: Apo Island

Snorkeling with green sea turtles
Snorkeling with green sea turtles | Source
Up close with sea turtles even while snorkeling
Up close with sea turtles even while snorkeling | Source
Go straight towards the white buoy to see the sea turtles!
Go straight towards the white buoy to see the sea turtles! | Source
Hiding for the perfect position for sea turtle picture taking. Just the right sand space for my fins.
Hiding for the perfect position for sea turtle picture taking. Just the right sand space for my fins. | Source
The view from our room at Liberty Lodge
The view from our room at Liberty Lodge | Source
Inside Jo's Chicken Inato. Note the capiz shell windows
Inside Jo's Chicken Inato. Note the capiz shell windows | Source
Barbecue chicken at Jo's
Barbecue chicken at Jo's | Source
Inside Sidlakang Negros Souvenir Shop
Inside Sidlakang Negros Souvenir Shop | Source

Apo Island (complete details of our trip at Apo Island here)

We rode a Jeep for almost 45 minutes from the Dumaguete Jeepney station to Trunos. From the Jeepney stop it is a short walk to Trunos Beach Resort to the big banka/outrigger boat pickup of Liberty Lodge. The boat ride to the island was around 40 minutes.


Snorkeling at Apo Island

At around 6 AM we were already snorkeling. This is the first time we saw turtles up close while snorkeling - one would not need to go diving. We were advised by one of the locals to swim straight towards the white buoy to spot the sea turtles. According to them there are more sea turtles feeding in the said area around 9 AM.

Diving with Paul's Diving Resort

Dive 1: Chapel Dive Site (sea snakes, green sea turtles, and flounder)

Dive 2: Coconut Dive Site (large trevalli, big trigger fish, and big school of jackfish)

After lunch at Liberty Lodge we were bound back to Dumaguete City where we would be heading to Siquijor the next day. We arrived at Dumaguete at 5PM and checked in at JF Obdulia Business Inn.

Trip Tip:

- We got a discounted rate of 1800P per person for the dive since it was off-peak season. Normal rates are as follows:

2 Dives - 2200P
Full Gear Rental - 280P
Conservation Tax - Outside Sanctuary 200P, Inside Sanctuary 300P
Snorkel Pack per day - 375. Individually - Mask 150, Snorkel 100, Fins 200, Booties 100, Wetsuit 300, Weight Belt 100

- Liberty Lodge Address: Apo Island, Dauin. It is rated as the number one specialty lodging in Apo Island in Tripadvisor. Contact details:, 09202385704, 0920912459

Continuing Dumaguete City Tour

VI. Jo's Chicken Inato

We had dinner at Jo's Chicken Inato, the barbecue chicken place which is known in Dumaguete City.

VII. Sidlakang Negros Village

This is the best place to buy gifts or remembrance from Dumaguete. I got 'batik' wallets for my sisters at 65P each and a shell wallet for my mom at 120P.

Trip Tip:

JF Obdulla Business Inn - Address: Gov. Perdices St, Corner Pinili and Colon Streets, Dumaguete City. Contact Number: (035) 2263291, (035) 4223607, and +63915 8395680

Jo's Chicken Inato - Address: Siliman Avenue, Dumaguete City. Contact Number: (035) 2254412

Sidlakang Negros Village - Address: EK Blanco Drive, Piapi, Dumaguete City. Contact Number (Negros Provincial Tourism Office): (035) 2263105 and (035) 4224168. Open from 9AM to 8PM.

School of Huge Jacks while diving at the Coconut Dive Site
School of Huge Jacks while diving at the Coconut Dive Site | Source

Day 3 Pictures: Siquijor Tour

The clean Siquijor Port
The clean Siquijor Port | Source
St. Francis Assisi Church
St. Francis Assisi Church | Source
San Juan de Capilay Spring Park
San Juan de Capilay Spring Park | Source
Me by the Balete tree
Me by the Balete tree | Source
Lazi Church
Lazi Church | Source
Cambugahay Falls
Cambugahay Falls | Source
Salagdoong Beach
Salagdoong Beach | Source
Tulapos Marine and Mangrove Sanctuary
Tulapos Marine and Mangrove Sanctuary | Source


After mass at Dumaguete Cathedral which was just walking distance from JF Obdulia's Business Inn, we were on our way to Siquijor via a one hour Delta Fast Ferry ride. Upon arrival we cannot help but be in awe with the clean and beautiful water at the Siquijor Port. One could already take a quick swim right there! But we had to be patient since we have an itinerary, so we hired a tricycle to visit some of Siquijor's tourist places.

Siquijor Tour

> St Francis Assisi Church and Bell Tower

Just outside the Siquijor port. It was considered as the sole Catholic church in Siquijor during the 19th century.

> San Juan de Capilay Spring Park

There were several people swimming at the Capilay's Spring Park. It is a happy place wherein the locals jump in the cool spring.

> Balete Tree

I was pretty excited to see the balete tree which have cleaner fish in the water underneath it for a free fish foot spa. Unfortunately I got scared putting my feet in the water covered with leaves. I can barely see the fish.

> Lazi Church

The church was built in 1857 by Augustinian Recollects and is made of coral stones.

> Cambugahay Falls

Several locals and tourists including my husband swung like tarzan using a branch then landed on the clean pool of the Cambugahay Falls

> Salagdoong Beach

We had lunch at the said place. Afterwards my husband had the highlight of his Siquijor trip after cliff jumping at 25 feet! Entrance fee is 15P for each adult with an additional 15P for tricycle parking.

> Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

On our way to Tulapos Marine Sanctuary we passed by Bino-ongan Marine Sanctuary for a quick picture taking by the plenty mangroves.The Tulapos Marine Sanctuary was filled with colorful fish. The corals were also healthy.

After the full but fulfilling tour, we checked-in at Villa Marmarine.

Trip Tip:

- Tricycle tour costs 1000P for all the mentioned places and will fit around four people.

- Villa Marmarine is located at Candanay Sur, Siquijor, Siquijor. Contact Number: (035) 4809167

- Other Places to Visit in Siquijor from the Tourist Map:

Churches or Heritage Trails:
San Isidro Labrador Church (Lazi, Siquijor)
St Agustin Church (San Juan, Siquijor)
St Vicente de Ferrer Bell Tower (Larena, Siquijor)
Our Lady of Divine Providence Church (Maria, Siquijor)

Eco-Tour Adventure:
Mt Bandilaan Nature Park (Siquijor, Siquijor) - highest peak of the park is at 557 feet above sea level and home to numerous flora and fauna. Theree is also a butterfly sanctuary.
Cantabon Cave (Siquijor, Siquijor) - where one can find stalactites and stalagmites then afterwards swim in the cave's pool

The beach in front of Villa Marmarine, Siquijor, Siquijor
The beach in front of Villa Marmarine, Siquijor, Siquijor | Source

Day 4: Siquijor - Dumaguete

Resting by the beach of Siquijor
Resting by the beach of Siquijor | Source
The potion souvenirs at Siquijor
The potion souvenirs at Siquijor | Source
Hayahay tree house
Hayahay tree house | Source


Continuing Siquijor
We could still do a half day tour of Siquijor, but since we wanted to chill instead, our fourth day started with me snorkeling in front of Villa Marmarine while husband slept in a hammok under a coconut tree.

We asked for a tricycle to pick us up for the trip back to the port, but before that we passed by a souvenir shop. We got our take home from Mar and Peck Souvenir Shop which is located at Caridad Street, Siquijor, Siquijor. Siquijor is actually considered a mystical place - a popular souvenir from there are bottled concoctions that contain potions for different purposes from love to money. So other than the usual shirts and magnets we got our self a bottle for keeping.

We were back at Dumaguete by 5PM for our last day before our trip back to Manila early the next morning.

Last Day of Dumaguete CIty tour

VIII. Baywalk

We had snacks by the baywalk. The area was full of vendors under large umbrellas. We got balut (duck egg), 'kikiam' (ground pork and vegetables wrapped in bean curd wrapper), and fish ball (ball shaped grounded fish).

IX. Hayahay Treehouse Bar and Viewdeck

Hayahay Treehouse was a good hang-out place. We had baked oysters while having a pitcher of margarita.

Trip Tip:

Hayahay Treehouse Address: Flores Avenue, Piapi Beach, Dumaguete. Contact Number: (035) 2253536

Recommended Itinerary and Budget for 4 Days

Per Person
1 Fri
Departure - NAIA Terminal 3 Manila
Arrival - Sibulan Airport Dumaguete
Lunch at Sans Rival Cakes
Dumaguete City Tour: Rizal Boulevard
Dumaguete Tour Siliman Marine Lab
Dumaguete City Tour: Siliman University Library
Dumaguete City Tour: Siliman University Hall
Dumaguete City Tour: St. Catherine of Alexandria
Jeepney to Trunos Beach Resort
Ferry Transport to Apo Island - 4pm pickup
Check-in Apo Island Liberty's Community Lodge
Apo Island Dinner at Liberty's
2 Sat
Breakfast at Libert Lodge
Snorkelling at Apo Island
2 dives @ Paul's Diving
Ferry Transport Libery Lodge to Dumaguete
Jeepney back to Dumaguete
Check-in JF Obdulia Dumaguete
Tricycle to dinner place
Dinner at Jo's Chicken Inato
Tricycle to Sidlakan Negros Village
3 Sun
Mass at Dumaguete Cathedral
Dumaguete to Siquijor. on-the-go breakfast
Delta Fast Ferry Dumaguete to Siquijor
Siquijor Tour: St Francis Assissi Church
Siquijor Tour: San Juan de Capilay Spring Park
Siquijor Tour: Balete Tree
Siquijor Tour: Lazi Church
Siquijor Tour: Cambugahay Falls
Siquijor Tour: Salagdoong Beach
Siquijor Tour: Tulapos Marine and Mangrove Sanctuary
Check-in Villa Marmarine
Dinner Villa Marmarine
4 Mon
Snorkelling and breakfast at Villa Marmarine
Check-out, tricycle pick-up, souvenir buying, ferry drop off
Delta Fast Ferry Siquijor to Dumaguete
Check-in JF Obdulia Dumaguete
Balot, Kikiam and Fish Ball at the baywalk
Early dinner at Hayahay
5 Tues
Wake-up, early check-out, breakfast, go to airport
Be at airport
Departure - Sibulan Airport Dumaguete
Arrival - NAIA Terminal 3 Manila
Rates as of August 2012


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    • munchwaffle profile image

      munchwaffle 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Pam, We weren't able to do the dolphin watching anymore since it is far from Apo Island.

      I don't think it is doable in the same day, but I would suggest you ask help/ referral from the resort you are staying in :)

    • profile image

      Pam Resngit 2 years ago

      Can we do Apo Island snokeling and dolphin watching at the same day

    • munchwaffle profile image

      munchwaffle 3 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Obet, have you already had your trip? Apologies, I didn't see your message earlier. If your friends aren't into diving there are a lot of Nature and Historical trips in Siquijor and Dumaguete. For Apo Island you can just do snorkeling instead of diving to see the sea turtles, but if they aren't into swimming I suggest you just skip Apo Island. Another alternative is to go to a Dolphin watching in Dumaguete which we skipped due to our diving trip ;)

    • profile image

      Obet 3 years ago

      we are looking for 4 day adventure in Dumaguete - Apo Island - Siquijor, this is a great suggestion, but i don't think my friends would want the diving, any alternative activity aside from diving?

    • munchwaffle profile image

      munchwaffle 4 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Mark :) Sorry for the delay in response. Yes, you could do the trip for only three days as well, just skip the fourth day in the entry. Also take note of the ferry to Siquijor. Are you flying in and out via Dumaguete? If you are I would suggest the same 1st to 3rd day trip as we had.

    • profile image

      Mark 4 years ago

      Can we do it for 3d only? 1st day siquijor, 2nd day apo 3rd day ct tour?