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Earthquake and Post Earthquake Scenario of Nepal

Updated on June 19, 2015

Nepal It has been the hub for tourists for decades however, after the major earthquake in 25th of April; the safety to travel in Nepal has been questioned many times. The actual scenario of the earthquake, its aftershock and the post earthquake safety issues has been major areas of concern now. However, getting all these information at a place is very rare. I am writing this article with as many extracted information as I can.

The April 25th earthquake: How was the exact scenario?

According to the detailed report of USGS, the magnitude of 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th with shallow depth of 15 km. The epicenter was located 77km northwest of Kathmandu and 73km east of Pokhara. This earthquake occurred due to the thrust faulting on or near the main thrust interface between the subducting India plate and the overriding Eurasia plate to the north.

According to the Government of Nepal the death toll reach 8795 with 22310 injuries and more than 500000 houses destroyed fully or partially until 19th of June and the data still incomplete.

Travelling to Nepal, Is it a good idea?

After the earthquake with that much magnitude there is a big question mark about travelling to Nepal. Before questioning about the travel, we should think wisely, does earthquake last forever? And the answer is a big No. We know that earthquake is just a momentary shaking of land and it is already two months after the devastating shaking. It is gone and the aftershocks have also decreased to minimal. So, questioning the travelling just because of the momentary quake would not be wise. Despite, the Government of Nepal, Ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil aviation on its press release has assured that Nepal is safe and secured place to visit. Therefore, there is no need to question the safety of travel in Nepal; it is absolutely a good idea to visit Nepal now.

Why visit Nepal now?

Well, we all know that tourism is the back bone of Nepal’s economy. For the country whose major part of GDP is contributed both directly (4.6%) and indirectly by tourism, the most effective way of helping this country fight back the disaster is travelling there. Helping the tourism industry in Nepal is a big aid to the economy of Nepal. So, travel Nepal to bring foreign currency to the country for rebuilding. This is a direct help to Nepalese who are in extreme need of jobs now, travel Nepal so that you could give business here a chance to resume. It is high time to visit Nepal; yes it is the time to witness the country that has won the battle against nature. So, travel to Nepal for a cause, travel there to visualize the beauty Nepal bears in totally noble ways. Give Nepal an opportunity to bounce back.

Where to go in Nepal: Safety alerts.

Nepal being the Pandora of travel and trekking opens up with varieties of choices. Some landmarks in central Nepal are restricted for visitors post earthquake that includes Langtang and Manaslu region treks. It is just the two trekking route among 35 different trekking options in Nepal, choose to go anywhere like Everest Base camp trek, Annapurna region trek, Mustang region and many more. There is always huge choice for safe and amazing trekking routes.

Most of the UNESCO world heritage sites are still there in Nepal with all its beauty sound and safe, ready to welcome its visitors. Only 3 heritage sites among 10 are damaged, 7 still safe to travel. All highways, airports are safe and no effects in communication. Nepal always opens up with varieties of choices for travelers and trekkers. So go anywhere you please, there is no danger now. Explore the birthplace of Buddha; enjoy the wildlife in Chitwan national park, Bardia national park, Sagarmatha national park and many more. Have a memorable holiday in Pokhara. There is no risk travelling in Nepal now.

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    • srsddn profile image

      srsddn 2 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      Thanks, Balaram. I am glad things are moving towards normal in Nepal. It may take time, of course, to see the complete normalcy. In India tremors were felt and even loss occurred in some states. I was far away at Chandigarh, but on two different occasions I also felt the tremors even here. I have visited Nepal twice and its beauty is charming. I wish the people of Nepal all the best.