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Eastbourne: A nice reason to visit England.

Updated on March 7, 2016

Sunny Town

Did you know that Eastbourne holds the record for the highest amount of sunshine in a month? Despite the typical idea of England... Eastbourne is a sunny location! Perfect for a lovely summer in the English channel.


Beautiful image of Eastbourne Pier.
Beautiful image of Eastbourne Pier. | Source

Places to visit in Eastbourne

  • Beachy Head and the Pier:

Probably one of the most iconic images of the English Channel are those white mountains that raise from the sea. Those white mountains were created during the Late Cretaceous epoch, during that period the mountains were under the sea... After the last Ice Age, the sea level rose and the English Channel were formed, cutting into the chalk to form the cliffs along the coast of Sussex.

Beachy head is only few miles away from the beautiful Pier of Eastbourne reachable by the available paths. A visit to Beachy head strolling along the beautiful coast, admiring the Pier of Eastbourne is the perfect way to start your day. Beachy head offers stunning views of the British Channel, it is a real spectacle.

After a lovely walk, you have time to stop by and visit the Pier of Eastbourn. The pier has history was designed by Eugenius Birch and opened in 1870; without any doubt is one of the most iconic attraction of the town. Unfortunatly in 2014 the pier suffered a fire, a third of the beautiful construction was destroyed.

  • Princes Park:

This park is probably one of the most beautiful parks in the United Kingdom... the artificial lake, the numerous swans and the oak trees set the perfect scenario for picnics or romantic walks.

The park provides a peaceful atmosphere perfect for disconnect from big cities... I remember coming to Princess Park after a long morning in London, the cozy atmosphere of the park helped me forget all the bustle and hustle of London with its peaceful environment... was like being on heaven...

  • Town Center:

The town center of Eastbourne is just fantastic! The pedestrian area allows you to enjoy better while shopping and strolling along Eastbourne. Typical shops like Poundland, Marks and Spencer, among many others can be find at Arndale Center and Terminus road.

Shopping in Eastbourne can be a nice experience, there are many local designers and original collections, perfect if you like to wear unique clothes.

Eastbourne Locations

show route and directions
A markerPrinces Park -
Channel View Rd, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 7LL, UK
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Beautiful park in Eastbourne

B markerBeachy Head -
Beachy Head Rd, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN20, UK
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White cliffs

C markerPier -
3 Grand Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 3EH, UK
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Eastbourne Pier

D markerShopping, Town center -
Terminus Rd, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 3DH, UK
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Town center

Where to eat

Visiting a place also means to enjoy their food... England is not famous for its culinary options, but I suggest you to give it a chance! The english cusine is not bad at all is just different from others... Sunday roast and mini Yorkshire puddings is a classic!

  • The Dolphin:

In my opinion, and also the opinion of many visitors... the best Sunday Roast in Eastbourne can be eaten at the dolphin. In my opinion The Dolphin has that english style all visitors are looking for when coming to the UK... I love the decoration of this pub I found it very "British"... and at night it is a very good place to have a nice beer and chat with your folks.

  • Pomodoro e Mozzarella

Delicious! That is the best word that describes the pizzas of this restaurant. Probably, I have no idea about good pizzas, in fact the worst pizza I've ever had was in Rome, in a restaurant near Piazza di Spagna... Pomodo e Mozzarella is a cozy restaurant, with a good environment, nice service and very good quality of food... In my opinion is a very good option for nice food in Eastbourne.

  • Cornfield Garage

The J D Wetherspoon is one of my favorite "pub chains" in England, this pub can be found across the country, I love the selection of craft beers but over all i love its prices.. I really like the atmosphere of this pub. On friday is full of young people, which is great to meet new people and make new friends.

The cons about pubs in Eastbourne... same as in the rest of England... opening times! Pubs close at 24:00. Just when you are comfy, laughing and having a really good time the pub close...

Eastbourne Pier

Fantastic picture of clouds over Eastbourne Pier.
Fantastic picture of clouds over Eastbourne Pier. | Source

How to get to Eastbourne

Reach to Eastbourne is very easy and quiet simple...

  • By train:

Direct trains run to London Victoria, Gatwick and Ashford International (Eurostar).

  • By Air:

  1. Heathrow airport: Visitors can either get the transfer coach to Gatwick or go to London Victoria and get the train there.
  2. Gatwick airport: Get the direct train line to Eastbourne.
  • By bus:

  1. National Express in my opinion is the best option... however if you are in Hastings, Brighton or nearby cities you can take the "Brighton and Hoves coach".


How to get
How to get | Source

Eastbourne Airshow Airbourne

Each year Eastbourne becomes the center of attention of the United Kingdom, thanks to the famous Eastbourne Airshow Airbourne.

The Airbourne is held each year during 4 days of august, the entry is free! The show starts at 12 o'clock and finishes by 5-5:30 pm. Many people comes to Eastbourne to enjoy the fantastic airshow.

The Airbourne consist in a thrilling air spectacle that includes military fast jets, helicopters, a breathtaking display from aerobatics teams and parachutists.


Airbourne | Source



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