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FILIPINO BACKPACKERS: Easy Steps in Getting A Vietnam Visa At The Embassy Of Vietnam In Cambodia

Updated on September 15, 2016


To apply a Vietnam Visa in Cambodia, you may go directly to the embassy of Vietnam. There is a sign board outside the building saying "visa here" with an arrow. So, just get inside. If you don't know the address just get the direction in google map and tell the tuktuk driver to take you there. Here are the requirements you should bring.

* One passport size photo

* Filled-out application form

* Your Valid Passport

* US Dollars

Embassy of Vietnam in Cambodia

A marker436 Monivong BLVD, Phnom Penh -
436 Preah Monivong Blvd (93), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
get directions


Warning: Here is a sample of a FAKE Visa!

This is posted in the wall inside the embassy to warn people.
This is posted in the wall inside the embassy to warn people.

Application Form

You can get the application form online or in the office. if you prefer to get it online and fill it out before you go to their office that's a great idea. Just go to the website below:

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam

After Filling out the form online, download a copy of it and print it out. That will be the paper you will bring to the embassy of Vietnam in Cambodia together with your passport size photo.

If you don't have a computer or printer at home, you can still get an application form when you arrive in their office. They have a long table inside where the forms are placed at the center with pens that you can use in filling up the application form.

Sample of Application Form

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When you are done in filling out the application form, you can line up directly to the window to submit the form, passport size photo, and your passport. Then the officer inside will estimate your payment for stamping fee and processing fee. He gonna tell you how much it cost you in USD after checking what type of visa you are getting through your application form. After your payment, he will give you a receipt of your payment and ask you to wait if you chose a one hour service which will cost you additional $10.

You can see the total fee of the visa through the table below:

Visa Stamping Fees

Type of Visa
Visa Fee
Processing Fee
1 month single entry
1 month multiple
3 months single
3 months multiple
The Processing time is 24 hours except for 3 months multiple visa which is 48 hours. Express service 1 hour is additional $10

Receipt of Payment

Sample of payment of 3 persons with 3 months single entry visa with 1 hour express service.
Sample of payment of 3 persons with 3 months single entry visa with 1 hour express service.

Additional Information

Here is another photo to inform tourists about the exemption of visa and additional information posted on their wall. Read the following below:

Applying in the office is easy, quick and hassle free. It may cost you cheaper than agencies in my personal opinion. For security reason, better get your visa in person.

For more details, just comment your query below and I will be glad to answer your questions. This is my personal experience in getting a Vietnam Visa. For update of visa upon arrival in the airport, follow me or read my next hub below:

Check out the video of the office of Vietnam Embassy In Cambodia


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