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Ecentric pieces redefined

Updated on July 5, 2010

Wake up on a Tuesday or Thursday morning and head out to work only on these days the traffic is unbearable. But for the tourist who has a soft spot for everything cultural, this happens to be your day because on these days, Nairobi city boast a diverse display of goods courtesy of the Maasai community.

            From the all popular handcrafted Maasai sandals (all leather and sea shells) that make a walk in the beach a luxurious experience because the cleanup afterwards is a quick wash over running water and voila!, no more pesky sandy particles or a car that needs vacuuming afterwards.

            Add to that jewelry that is craftily made to appease the an eccentric eye or the shawls that are warm enough to drape on a windy autumn morning yet chic enough to consider as a possible gift (for any of the diverse holidays that come bearing gifts) for your woman, mother, or even that workmate who made a point of requesting you to bring with you something exotic.

            Your could also find decorative pieces for your homes interior décor from animal sculptures made out of wood or soap stone to table mats made out of papyrus reeds. However for more variety on interior décor pieces a short trip to Westland will provide an even more diverse and inspiring experience for different moods one aspires to create and the best part is that it is open all day everyday.  

            All in all if you are in Nairobi city for business with little time to venture further beyond the city limits this market offers a wide variety of items to choose from as gift ideas and the best part about it is that they come in all shapes colors and sizes and are cheap.

            For those whose business trip ends short of these two days then take heart because there is also a Saturday session located at the heart of the city at City Square gardens or if you have the time make the short trip to Westlands which also has a variety.

So if thinking about a trip to Kenya, business or otherwise…Karibu (Welcome)

Or if thinking to make a virtual trip here are a few links to choose pieces from:


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