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Ecuador's Independence Day

Updated on March 6, 2012

Battle of Pichincha

Ecuador’s Independence Day was first celebrated on May 24th 1822 after Spain granted the country its own independence. It was an exciting time in Ecuador’s history. It was about to forge its own path and sovereignty in world history.

The last battle of the war with Spain before it became an independent country was the historic battle of Pichincha. It is to this day the most celebrated holiday on Ecuador besides Christmas. This battle took place on the Pichincha volcano, at a level of about 3500 feet above sea level. It was one of the bloodiest battles to have ever taken place on Ecuadorian soil.

This battle was the essential turning point the war. With so many other provinces of Spain declaring their independence it was more important to Spain to concentrate on the ones they wanted to keep so they let Ecuador go. The country celebrates this historical day honoring their independence by having parades, festivals, and recreations being conducted all over Ecuador.

At the volcano there is a celebration in military tribute to those who fell at the great battle. The air force celebrates by flying over the historical location with jets. The army celebrates by conducting a recreation with the navy and offers a 25 gun salute every year. There is a festival with food, parties and crafts for visitors and tourist alike to enjoy. The school kids get out of school early and begin a long paraded trek to the original site in full dress to honor those that have fallen. The ones that are not able to attend the volcano have small parades all over the country in their home towns. They carry the Ecuadorian flag proudly as they honor their countries founding.

The independence day celebrations in Ecuador are one of the most prolific I have ever witnessed. They are a proud people that have come a long way since the bloody days of their reconstruction. There country has a lot to offer in the world and they will continue to make their place known on the world stage as one of pride in themselves and their accomplishments.


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  • dksuttle profile image

    Donna Suttle 5 years ago from Ecuador, New Mexico, South Carolina

    Thank you for this bit of history.