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Eden Project - Cornwall

Updated on January 2, 2017

A great look at the potential future and our environment

Things about the Eden Project and Eden Trust. The Millennium project that worked; providing education, enjoyment and employment in Cornwall. How we interact with our natural environment, the positive and negative impact of mankind on the world.

How the site was developed from a china clay pit, and the changing displays and events hosted at the project.

Eden Project from Google Maps

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK:
Eden Project, Cornwall, UK, PL24 2SG

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Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

Eden Project - Cornwall

The project site run by the charitable Eden Trust in the reclaimed China Clay quarry is split into three environments:

* Rainforest Biome

* Mediterranean Biome

* Outdoor

Plus the

* Core Education Centre

* Stage/Exhibition Centre for special events and concerts

* Entrance/Visitor Centre

For those who visited in the early years it is well worth a return visit to experience the more mature plants, new exhibition areas and updated displays.

Some strong themes that run through the plants in all the environments are their importance as food and raw materials - what goes into the local beer and Cornish Pasty.

For up-to-date details of events and admission details link to the Eden project website

The best deal for admission - where everyone is a winner - is if you can gift aid your admission:

* YOU get free access every day for the next 12 months

* The Eden Trust can also claim your tax back on the entry cost for the benefit of the charity.

If you buy tickets in advance (online) you generally save a £2 or £3 on each ticket or at least £4 if you cycle, walk or arrive by public transport.

If you want to do more than walk around looking at the exhibits why not get involved and become an Eden Volunteer.

For a calendar of the year at the Eden Project, see their website for the latest details of Events and for shopping ideas that will benefit the charity, have you considered buying a packet of Composting Worms.

For the background on how the Eden Project was built and some of the enginering that makes it possible, a visit to How Stuff Works How the Eden Project Works provides a view from when the project was about to open.

The excelent Keith's Eden Project website has an amazing record of the Eden Project from during the time of construction to the most recent events. Keith Martin lives 2 miles from the site and his regular vists provide a mine of interesting information.

The Eden Project exists in a former china clay quarry, details of the history of the China Clay Industry can be seen at the Wheal Martyn China Clay Country Park - close to the entrance to the Eden Project.

Rainforest Biome

"The world's largest conservatory"

Simulates the humid tropics, 25 degrees C, 90% humidity and 1500mm of rainfall a year typical of Malaysia, West Africa and South America. Through the mist can be seen some very large trees for a man made environment. Examples of food and raw material plants include Rubber, Soya, Cola, Chewing Gum, Palms, Cocoa, Sugar, Coffee, Bananas and Bamboo.

I could find two references to ShelterBox inside the Rainforest. ShelterBox is a charity based in Cornwall linked to the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard who coordinate sending emergency aid to disaster areas around the world. They are supported by donations from individuals, groups and organisations from around the world. See more about their excellent work and how you could contribute at

Mediterranean Biome

Display of fruit, flowers and crops from the Mediterranean basin, South Africa and California. Vines, Olives and Citrus fruit mixed in with traditional garden vegetables.

Fruit and flowers

Fruit and flowers
Fruit and flowers

Tim Shaw Sculptor

Details of the sculptor behind the maenad can be found at Tim Shaw Sculptor. This includes excellent photos of sculptures displayed with special lighting designs.

Dances with Vines

Dances with Vines
Dances with Vines

Tim Shaw - dancing Maenad

Tim Shaw - dancing Maenad
Tim Shaw - dancing Maenad


The largest area within the site displaying growing crops, flowers, vines and crops for a sustainable future. Together with the odd quirky reflection on life and the natural environment.

Industrial Plant

WEEE Man - Made from the 3.3 tonnes of electronic waste that each person in UK thows away in their lifetime

Tug the natural fibre giant

The Core

Educational Centre

The spiky roofed Core educational centre contains many thought provoking exhibits and resources, including what appears to be the worlds largest manually operated nut cracker and the enormous granite seed.

The elegantly designed roof of the Core hosts various types of device to capture solar energy together with the harvesting of rainwater.

What's a Biome?

Short Answer - a large scale ecosystem

Longer Answer - Geographers have defined different biomes covering the major ecosystems of the world. The biomes are characterised by climate, geology, physical relief, soils and natural vegetation

Names and number of divisions may vary slightly but

* Tropical Rainforest

* Deciduous Forests

* Coniferous forest

* Desert

* Desert Scrub

* Temperate Grasslands

* Savannah

* Tundra

* Mountain

* Mediterranean

* Flooded Mangrove and grassland

* Freshwater

* Marine

At the Eden Project their two Biomes are contained within massive hi-tec structures to allow close control of temperature, moisture and other influences in the simulated eco-systems.

Events and happenings at The Eden Project

For the latest news

To find out what is going on at the Eden Project:

* The main events diary for the Eden Project.

* Music and sessions diary

Eden Project TV channel

An excellent chance to see whats going on at the Eden Project when your not there!

Eden TV

The Eden Project Website says that the "Eden Project TV is a groundbreaking, community-oriented online TV channel that will showcase Eden’s educational, horticultural and environmental work. Presented by Eden’s own familiar faces, including Chief Executive, Tim Smit, the channel will also offer an in-depth look at what goes on at Cornwall’s most famous visitor attraction, such as the Eden Sessions, where some of the music world’s biggest names take to the stage, and Eden’s many other innovative events and developments."

Eden TV

Feedback please on the hub page and the Eden Project

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  • makingamark profile image

    Katherine Tyrrell 

    8 years ago from London

    Nice images and useful info for visitors - blessed and added to The Best of the UK

  • Wottonian profile image


    10 years ago

    Welcome to Cornish Life! Great lens on one of Cornwall's top atractions.


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