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Eggenberg Castle: Unesco World Heritage Site

Updated on May 21, 2011
Aerial view of the Eggenberg Castle
Aerial view of the Eggenberg Castle | Source
One of the many colourful peacocks in the castle gardens.
One of the many colourful peacocks in the castle gardens. | Source
The peacock "bride"
The peacock "bride" | Source
The "Rose Mound" on the side of the Eggenberg garden.
The "Rose Mound" on the side of the Eggenberg garden. | Source
The pond, where one can usually find ducks swimming.
The pond, where one can usually find ducks swimming. | Source
The entrance to Eggenberg with the castle in the background.
The entrance to Eggenberg with the castle in the background. | Source

Unesco World Heritage Site

Schloss Eggenberg in Graz is the most significant Baroque castle complex in the province of Styria. With its preserved buildings and landscaped gardens it is among the most valuable cultural assets of Austria. In 2010, it was recognized for its significance to cultural history and was listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.


The palace lies on the western side of the Styrian capital of Graz, in the Eggenberg district. The Planetary Garden and Lapidarium of Roman stonework, as well as the new Archeological Museum are also situated there. It is easy to get to Eggenberg Castle by public transportation, be it bus or tram.

Gregorian calendar

Schloss Eggenberg relies on the Gregorian calendar and it has 365 exterior windows, one for each day of the year. Of these, 52 represent the weeks of one year, which together with the 8 of the Planetary Room make a total of 60, which are both the number of seconds in a minute and minutes in an hour. The second storey contains 24 staterooms in a ring-shaped arrangement, symbolizing the hours in a single day. Every floor in the building has exactly 31 rooms which are the maximum number of days in a calendar month!

On each corner of the palace there is a tower and each represents one of the four seasons and the outside corner of each is aimed exactly in a cardinal direction.

Reasons to visit

At first we used to go there because it had playgrounds for our two children to play in, then it was because of the flat walkways, which was suitable for my mother in law, who had trouble walking and these days we go, as they charge a mall entrance fee, so that keeps undesirables away, especially those with bottles!


Eggenberg is one of those places one keeps on going back to, as there are many walkways, so one does exercise without even noticing. Afterwards one can always sit in the cafeteria to have something warm to drink in winter, or an ice cream or cold drink in the warmer months. They also have many spots under the trees, which are suitable for families to enjoy picnics. In the back of the park they also have a pond and one can always see children throwing crumbs and pieces of bread to the ducks swimming there.


The place is very pleasant in spring when flowers start to appear, and also in autumn when some the old trees present a beautiful display of colour! One can always find many peacocks roaming around the gardens and walkways and they seem to be great favourites with people having cameras. The castle and its gardens are also fashionable with newlyweds, who like to have their wedding pictures taken there. Around the park one can find many statues, but they are usually covered with wooden boxes in winter, so as to protect them from the elements.

Peacocks are mainly of the colourful variety, but they also have some that are totally white, resembling a bride, all in white, but then one remembers that it’s the males the ones that have the big plumage, not the females!


In summer evenings one can also attend concerts there and it is a most elegant venue for that type of activity. The gardens and halls have also featured in many films and some have even been broadcast all over the world, like the New Years Day Concert from Vienna.

Eggenberg Castle


Eggenberg castle map

A markerEggenberg castle, graz -
Eggenberg Castle, Eggenberger Allee 90, 8020 Graz, Austria
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