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Egypt- Its Contribution to Culture and the Lotus

Updated on October 22, 2009

The Lotus

Egypt Flower Lotus

Most people usually get the wrong idea about the lotus, thinking that it is similar to the lily, or the water lily. The lily family comes in more colors, while the lotus only comes in pink and white.

Speaking about the lotus, it one of the earliest and deepest symbols of the natural world. This flower grows in a muddy type of water, and when it blooms, the flower rises to the surface of the water. In the evening, as though in repose, it closes its petals, and sinks to the bottom, and as the sun shows its early rays in the horizon, it rises to the surface of the water, and opens its petals again.

With this type of growth and life, one is not surprised to have it likened to Egyptians hence its being chosen as the national flower of Egypt is expected.

The Egypt National Flower, the lotus flower, is called Sesen, in the Egyptian language, symbolizes rebirth, the sun, and creation.

These symbols best stand for the Egyptians. Having been known to be part of ancient civilization is also one of the most populated countries in Africa and the Middle East, living in the area near the Nile River.

Going back to its national flower, the lotus, it is the only known flower that to produce fruit and generate a flower, simultaneously. It grows in the marshy area along the river. This beautiful, exotic flower that is understood to live in obscurity, adds to its mysterious growth, mystique and aura.

Because of the arid climate of Egypt, the lotus strives and remains in the water for its habitat. Coming out to surface in the morning, welcoming the day, and leaving the world as it submerges underwater by evening, it best represents Egypt, as it lead the way to civilization, rich heritage being brought to the world, and yet, until now, it remains in the background of developed countries, maintaining to stay in the fringes of prosperity, and never really showing to the world its full capacity, albeit known for what it has achieved in the past. You can get it here Доставка цветов.


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