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El Balcon de Los Artistas

Updated on October 19, 2016

Artistic Talent Achieved

Many people who visit Medellin come to experience the cultural adventure!

They have it! They just don’t know it yet!

El Balcon de Los Artistas has one of the richest performance dancers of Colombia. Although they are hidden in Medellin, their passion is not!

They are great at salsa dancing, tango, bachata, and much more.

Martha Elena Alvarez Ossa started the dance company, NGO, in 1992. She works with children, young adults, and adults to transform their lives with dance. Her purpose is to transform spaces impacted by armed conflict, drug abuse, professional growth, social development, etc. As her job has continued throughout the years, a transformation has occurred in the community, lives have changed, and she has become a ‘mom’ to everyone.

The students feel the love and energy rushing through their bodies, forgetting everything because of their love for dance and the commitment Martha Elena Alvarez Ossa had and her dedication to her dream. Her efforts were not in vain!

El Balcon de Los Artistas is a dance company that has presented themselves in very important scenarios in Colombia and in the world.

  • They participated in the production of Q'Viva the Chosen with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony who presented at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas in 2012
  • They were part of the tribute to Celia Cruz presented by Jennifer Lopez at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles in 2013
  • They were ranked first in World Tango Championship held in Colombia in 2015
  • They were three times champions of the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami in 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • They are currently on their fourth strike of being champions in the Salsa Festival of Medellin Colombia in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • They represented the gala celebration of the 70th year of UNESCO in Paris 2015
  • They represented Colombia in 12 cities and 9 festivals in France and Germany

Many of their achievements and competitions have allowed them to bring home many trophies to admire and know that their dreams and goals are alive!

Now you have the opportunity to learn with these amazing people and professionals at what they do. Learn authentic salsa moves and feel every excitement through your body.

Many people think it is dangerous to go up to, but Sam Zawadzki did not! Let’s be clear it’s not dangerous at all. In Zawadzi’s, article, located below, we can see that his experiences changed when he arrived at El Balcon de Los Artistas. He had no experience with salsa and was impressed with the outcomes. He thought it would “unleash the inner Latin” of any person that arrived at this dance studio because his did. He fell in love with salsa and took it back to his country! He even wrote an article to allow others to do and experience what he did because he believes that it was a life changing experience!

As he did, you can too!

You can learn the basics, intermediate, or advanced. The instructors will teach you every step to move your body and enjoying the nights with your friends! By salsa turning, leading, body movements, etc. This will allow you to learn to feel the rhythm of the music and dancing like never before.

Come and be part of this great experience and dance culture!

Balcon de Los Artistas Dancers

September 24, 2016
September 24, 2016 | Source

Office Information:

Director: Martha Elena Alvarez Ossa

General Manager: Willian Carvajal Galeano

Email: info

Phone Number: +57 4 (254) 3917

Cell Phone: +57 (311) 620-9190

Address: Carrera 31A No 71A 30, Fourth floor

Manrique Oriental, Medellin, Colombia

El Balcon de Los Artistas

A markerCarrera 31a #71a 30 -
Cra. 31 #71a-30, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
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Dance Studio



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