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Bucket List Metal Detecting Adventure

Updated on March 17, 2012
Hammered silver groat of Henry VIII                     1526 -1544
Hammered silver groat of Henry VIII 1526 -1544

Awesome English trips for hard-core detectorists

I've been metal detecting for 11 years, and have found just about every type of coin minted in the United States, plus an interesting variety of jewelry. We have formed a club called "Titletown Treasure Seekers so we can show finds and share adventures. My club members and I have enjoyed our years of detecting immensely, but many of the local spots have been hunted out. Consquently, we are looking for new challenges.

Most of us in this hobby are middle-aged, and we might only have 10 or 15 years left for rigorous detecting. So, we're forming "bucket lists" of the most awesome metal detecting and treasure hunting experiences possible.

At the top of the list is metal detecting hunts to England. "Chicago Ron" is famous for his spring and Fall England Hunts, made famous on YouTube and National Geo.

Ron's trips are a dream come true. They include six-person teams, rustic, comfortable accomodations, 3 meals a day, trips to English Pubs, 12,000 acres to hunt in 250 fields, and export paperwork handled including photographs and documentation of finds. Ancient coins,gold jewelry, and artifacts are possible finds.

Running two trips per year in spring and fall for the past 8 years, the hunts take place from 7 AM to dusk, which means 10 or 11 hours of hunting bliss each day. Like farm fields in the U.S, the sites are plowed, tilled, and planted every year, so there is literally constant turnover. Nobody knows for sure what they will find.

After viewing several Youtube videos of these trips, I've concluded that the most intriguing aspect is the other hunters, especially Ron. They become as excited as little kids about each other's finds, and all share the same passion for recovering treasure from the ground and unlocking its mystery. Each piece found has a story that goes with it, and the story might go back as far as 1200 B.C.

There is even a trip raffle, so there is a chance of winning a free hunt, provided the winner pays for transportation to England. Everything is coordinated with the English Colchester Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting club, partnered with the Midwest Historical Research Society. They work together on these hunts for years to keep them at a professional level. All finds are registered, regulations are followed, landowners have given permission, and all details are well taken care of ahead of time.

So, save your money, tune up your gear, bring some pain killers for those aching joints, and shake a leg! It's time to find some ancient treasures, experience an adventure, and cross one off the bucket list!


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    • TalkinTom profile image

      TalkinTom 5 years ago from Green Bay, Wisconsin

      White's has a great brand! I started with their Spectrum. Just bought a Garrett AT Pro and highly recommend it. Just found 5 gold rings in 2 days in very deep mud! It was a workout!

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      That would be awesome. Ever since I found my first English copper penny, at age 10, on a beach south of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware I have been hooked on treasure hunting. It was from the sunken ship the Faithful Steward I believe. I have my own White detector and am always looking for possible sites to search. The Delmarva Peninsula was one of the original 13 colonies and there is always the possibility of finding a cache of gold coins here.