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Be prepared so you can survive a disaster at home

Updated on June 25, 2014

Emergency survival kit

If something major happened, and you had to live in your home for a week, with no electricity, or natural gas, all stores were closed and you could not get around easily, could you do it?

Do you know what to do? Do you have an emergency survival kit? This article will tell you what you need to survive.

There are 4 basic things you need for survival in an emergency. Shelter, water, fire, and food. Since your stuck in your home, the shelter part is taken care of. A propane grill with propane is an important part of a good emergency survival setup.


The most important thing you need to survive in an emergency is water. You need a minimum of 2 quarts per day, per person, of drinkable clean water. That's 3.5 gallons per week per person. You should have containers for water storage. Get 5 gallon containers, 1 for each person that will be in your house in a survival situation. Don't forget you pets, they need water also. Get a Pur water pitcher with a filter just in case you need to filter water.

With a Pur filter, you can drink water out of a lake or river or any other source. Don't forget that there is water in your water heater that you can use, there is also water in the tank of your toilet that if filtered is fine to drink.


If you have a fireplace, make sure you have wood on hand. If you need to, you can even do some cooking in the fireplace.  If you have a propane grill, make sure you have a spare bottle of propane on hand.  You can get a lot of heat from the fireplace, and do a lot of cooking on the grill.  You can cook almost anything on a grill if you have to.

Outdoor survival blog loaded with great info on survival techniques and how to make sure that you can survive a bad situation.


Try to keep at least 3 days worth of extra food in your freezer that you can cook on your grill. It will stay frozen for at least a couple of days in the freezer if kept closed. Keep several days of canned foods on hand for the rest of the week. Many soups and other canned goods can be eaten strait from the can and don't taste bad. They can also be heated right in the can on the grill. Have veggies, soups, fruit, and anything else canned that you like. There are also some meals that don't need to be refrigerated that are very good. Make sure you have a manual can opener that you can use, in the house.


Make sure you have a battery powered radio, with extra batteries.  Or have rechargeable batteries and a car charger.  Make sure you have a car charger for your cell phone, so you have a means of communication.  Keep the other things you need to have from getting too low.  Such as T.P., medicine, pet food, gas in your car, etc.  And it's always a good idea to have $100 in cash stashed somewhere in case you need it.

Emergency survival

It's not hard to be prepared to survive in your home for a week. All you need to do is plan ahead a bit so you don't run out of essentials. The most important thing you need is water. Get an extra propane tank for your grill. And keep on hand about a weeks worth of other things you need. Another item that is something you will be glad you have is a portable camping toilet, with bags. You can live without it, but it's much nicer to have one.

Long term in home survival

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    • profile image

      Mr.T 6 years ago

      Perfect. Nothing more to say then, perfect.????

    • Joel McDonald profile image

      Joel McDonald 8 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Great suggestions! Growing up in California, my Mom helped me learn all about emergency preparedness in the event of an earthquake.

      We have a couple 5 gallon jugs of water, but wow - 3.5 gallons per person per week? Sounds like we need a little more water!

      A few other things I remember from my upbringing:

      When in a pinch, water from the toilet tank is the cleanest sources of water you can have.

      Regarding fire & cooking - sterno fuel packs are a great & safe way of cooking food without providing a large volume of smoke, or requiring maintenance of an actual fire.

      Again, great post & thanks for sharing! I've fanned you so I can continue to read your great hubs as you write them.

    • pankang profile image

      pankang 8 years ago from Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China

      good article for ways to survive,and i hope you can go to my hub, story of mastiffs, so as to give me your comments on them.