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Enjoy an exotic vacation at Isaan Thailand while learning rich culture

Updated on December 10, 2011
Isaan Thailand
Isaan Thailand

In today’s hectic work schedules and sedentary life styles, it has become difficult for us to be healthy, physically as well as mentally. It is very important to take time from our heavy work schedules for a break and planning a vacation is a good option. Visiting best travel places not only rejuvenates your body and mind but also gives you space to spend quality time with your family and dear ones. I feel everyone should plan a vacation at least once a year to explore best travel places. This way you would also get to explore various cultures, life styles while taking a break from your routine life.

Overview of Isaan Thailand

Isaan Thailand is one exciting place I would like you to visit for its fascinating gorgeousness, aromatic bliss and soul refreshing serenity. While beaches and resorts are a common thing everywhere, spending time at ancient monuments and enjoying the calm and serene atmosphere at these world heritage travel places is something which should not be missed out. While Isaan Thailand offers a great entity of ancient culture and heritage in the form of old temples, natural dense forests and Isaan architecture, most people are unaware of this awesome place and are losing on experiencing these blissful moments.

Geographical View of Isaan Thailand

Isaan is the northeast region of Thailand. People pronounce Isaan in different ways like Isan, Issan, Isam or Esam. The term Isaan, derived from Sanskrit, refers literally to northeast direction. That is the main reason why northeast Thailand is called as Isaan Thailand. Ubon province is one of the major areas here. This region is mostly located on the Khorat plateau and gives an enchanting view of Mekong River flowing on the north and east region. The central Isaan region hosts the Chi River basin. The prestigious highway from Bangkok ends here. The southern Isaan region is more popular for its rich heritage and culture. Ubon Ratchathani, the popular city in the northeast region lies in this southern isaan region. The Mun River basin can be found here.

There are several exciting places located in this region like the Khao Yai National park, Phanom Rung national park, Pha Taem and Kaeng Tana National parks and various other ancient temples and historical monuments. In addition, you can enjoy the aromatic bliss of the Khmer architecture and style. You can google Thailand to see the map of this area with clear details. In addition to architectural marvels, there is space for green scenery and serene ambiance for people who want to take a deep breath from their sedentary lifestyles.

Thai is the national language used here. In addition, the local Isaan language spoken here is a mixed dialect of Loas and Khmer culture. People who love spicy food can have a great time here with a wide range of Thai cuisines. You can reach here from any part of the world using airways. Next time, plan your vacation to this exotic travel spot, Isaan Thailand to enjoy a great time with nature.


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