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Enjoy at the "Golden Triangle", the Ever died Bermuda Triangle of India

Updated on May 14, 2009

Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle of the world, three gigantic temple built in ancient times with the command of the then kingdom and monasteries. You can reach here with the root as from world->India->Bhubaneswar by air . So you are landed at the most sacred place of Hindu God and Goddess, the temple city of the world.

The Titanic Triangle-

Bhubaneswar, Konark and Puri are three cities positioned as the three vertices of the triangle which ensconce each of these three hindu synagogue at it's heartland. They make a perfect geometrical triangle with Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar, Sun temple in Konark and Lord Jagannath temple in Puri.

The holy travel

Before visiting this blessed land of destiny, you should be making a plan for at least three days of travel from your schedule.From Bhubaneswar Airport one can hire a Cab for Lingaraj Temple, which is one of the landmark for the worship of Lord Shiva.

Lingaraj - The paradigm of worshipping Lord Shiva.

Literal meaning of Lingaraj signify the name of Lord Shiva only. You can have a holy bath in the milk ocean, the freshness of water sprinkle the spiritual energy, which ultimately replace the mind with a feeling of renascence rejecting all enervating inflictions of external world.

The panoramic view of the temple with its delicate stone works depicting each minuscule intricacies speaks about the proptotype of ancient architecture during the stone age. The reflection of carpentary hardship engolf the mind with a quizzical perception, asking again and again, whether this intense scale dexterity were really belong to our ancestors!

LingaRaj Temple-Bhubaneswar

The Surreal view of constellations.
The Surreal view of constellations.

A beautiful landscape

Tranquil view of the temple surrounding
Tranquil view of the temple surrounding

Crossing the first vertex

After visiting Lingaraj temple you can have a short trip at evening to 'Dhauli' , the monument of Gautam Budhha, Standing beside Daya river, the historical warland where Ashok faught with the Kalinga sena to win love through physical power, the false dogmatism that shows the path for a far greater love for the human being.


Buddhism developed from here.( place of famous Kalinga war)
Buddhism developed from here.( place of famous Kalinga war)

Sun Temple-Konark

Reaching the second vertex-

In the early morning at around 1 hour before sunrise start drifting towards Konark. The lively verdure of far spreaded greenlands and vegetated pastures across the drive fill the mind with ecstatic joy, which in no time carry you to the second vertex, the SUN TEMPLE.

Enjoy the touch of celestial beams of very first sunrise at the flat top of the mammoth monument, for which the temple is named so. It's more logical to speak the temple, a chariot, since the erected posture represent a gigantic chariot on 12 large wheels of all modern mecanical details carved on individual stone blocks. The multitudes of microlevel complexities involved in the masonries showing the architectural ingenuity of those famous carpenters are really astonishing and thought-provoking, that prevails the scientific mind of man to believe, Nothing is impossible.


Chariot on wheel

Handicraft of our ancestors showing the architectural ingenuity.
Handicraft of our ancestors showing the architectural ingenuity.

The Everdied Bermuda Triangle

At the old days the temple was surrounded with ocean water, which again implies the hardship of those architectures in juxtaposing the huge structures amidst the flooded land. The beautiful crest of the temple was explicitly designed with a giant magnetic wheel to amplify the celestial beauty of the crown. The magnetic power were so high, it dragged the ship from beneath the ocean water and strike them with a lethal blow on the undeformable stone surface, thereby smashing those ships. So to avoid this Bermuda triangle effect the british destroy the magnetic crown. Although the sea water shifted to kilometers from the base of the temple now, the real beauty of the temple is destroyed forever.

The Third Vertex- Lord Jagannath Temple

Reaching the Ultimatum-

From Konark to reach Puri, the third vertex of the Golden Triangle, it takes nearly one hour across the marine drive, where mind provokes to stop the minute hand to make the journey an never-ending destination on the smaller side of the triangle. The immaculate view of percolated "jhaun" shrurbs across the shore of the beach  spreaded along the marine drive guide the mind to dig inside the unfathomable silence and to forget the self for some moment. The freshness of body and tranquile mind lead the soul towards the most famous sea beach of the world adorning it's spatial beauty with the adjacent spiritual temple, the Jagannath temple.

If you have the energy, then go and stand in front of the "Trimurti" , the deity of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra, and try to utter some word with the audible resonating frequency of human voice, Its a bet, You can not. At the blink of the eye, you will feel the emanating radiance capture the mind and extract it from the physical body to merge with the higher subconsciousness of the pristine soul in bemusement, so blessed you are with the touch of captivated divine evergy you forget the physical energy, the alter-self.

The Temple

Puri-Lord Jagannath Temple


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